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So here we are… who are we looking at?

Al Golden?
Mike Houston?
Charles Huff?
Mike Pettine?
Anthony Poindexter?
Danny Rocco?

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From that list only AP and Huff. I’d put AP against the field at this point. If not watch out for the Army coach or a high profile coordinator. I’ve seen Mich OC, Oreg OC and TX AM DC thrown around.

Well this list stinks! So of course AP looks good ha. Houston just signed a extension at ECU so he might be off the table.

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Look, let’s be real, for a lot of reasons this is not an attractive job. This will be Carla’s legacy hire so I think she will swing for the fences, but her options will be limited. I do think she’ll get eveything out of the school/donors to try to do this right. Whether that is AP as HC and an exp/great recruiting staff or a splash coordinator hire. She knows the score and what is on the line, esp with what is going on the the southwest


Hire AP with an experienced OC/DC/Associate HC and it may all work out.

Dust off Richt. :upside_down_face:


Few names and thoughts.

Mike Elko: After the defense being a disaster for 3 yrs running wouldn’t be suprised the next hote is a defensive guy.

Josh Gatis: Had his best yr evet ss an OC had tied to the ACC and working at UM is good prep for Uva

Dan Lanning: If Carla pulls this one out it could be a coup

Bill O’Brian: not crazy at all about him but he can coach and was eying VT

AP: Love him but don’t want to set him up dor failure. Needs some seasoning still

Dan Mullen: why the hell not?

Tony Elliot: high risk high reward


Some names from Chris Vannini and The Athletic;

Anae (felt like an obligatory mention)
Chris Beatty - says multiple sources mentioned
Jamey Chadwell - Coastal
Bill O’Brien
Mike Elko - Texas A&M DC, coached at Wake and Richmond among all the other high level stops
Sean Lewis - Kent State
Curt Cignetti - JMU

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If they Anae as HC I’ll never watch Virginia football again and will openly root for the Hokies to best them every year out of spite.


Lol, he was a dumb inclusion. 90% he’ll retire

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Same. Felt like the obligatory “I have to mention someone currently on staff.” Can’t imagine there is ANY way that’s a possibility.

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Lol i couldn’t bring myself to mention it.

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I think the more important question is what boxes should they require:

  • Name Recognition
  • Power 5 Coaching Experience
  • Win/Loss
  • Use of Analytics
  • Recruiting Successes
  • Coaching philosophy
  • Morals/Beliefs on/off the field
  • Dedication to Academics
  • Sideline Demeanor
  • Alumni/Donor Relations
  • Ties to UVa
  • Ties to Carla Williams
  • Ties to NFL
  • Ties to East Coast recruiting hotbeds
  • Cost to hire / Assistants

What else might they be considering and how would YOU rank these in importance?


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I’m coming around to this idea. Dex, keep Hagans for sure, maybe Beck and some other O assistants for some continuity. All new defensive staff of course. This is a unique situation where the coach stepped away so might be able to work something out.


I am not on yet the Dex train myself. It sounds like he hasn’t been been a full DC (always co-DC) to date. It just feels like what so many schools do - hire the legendary player before they are ready - and it rarely works out.

But who knows. If it happens and it excites donors enough for them to help us break ground on facilities, even if the on-the-field coaching wasn’t perfect, it could move the program forward. Or it could work out great. I’m just skeptical.


In looking up past coaches with uva connections, how the hell did we have Bill Lazor as our offensive coordinator LOL.

Dude was in the NFL before and went to NFL right after his stint here. What a random 3 years to be at UVA of all places football wise.

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Not gonna lie, I would be fascinated to see what unbound Anae would do if put in charge of an entire team. Have the QBs line up at line-backer? Imagine the flea-flicker opportunities if you have the QB snap to the Center! Have all the DBs line up at WR to work on their pass-catching? The mind reels at the possibilities.

I’d kinda prefer he not be allowed to run amuck with a team I cared about, though.


Chances whoever is hired gets this reaction?]


I want to hire whoever the guy was who introduced Freeman as my personal hype man to warm up crowds for me. I assume I’d pay him in bourbon and cigarettes from his voice.


Huge call we all need a wingman like that