General UVA basketball Thread November

3-5 seed, top 25 team, double bye in the ACC, second weekend in the NCAAT team, and I’d be thrilled.


My hopes for any season are that we have something to add to the rafters at JPJ. That can be a regular season ACC title, ACC tournament title, or sweet 16 and above NCAA tournament outcome. So that’s what I’m hoping for.

That said, regardless of the exact ACC outcomes, I feel like the program could really use making it to the second weekend of the tournament right now, and that’s probably what I’d prioritize above all else. It’s the most random and difficult to control, but Sweet 16 is what I really want. Anything beyond that is gravy to me at least.


They’re picking UVA in the Final Four? That’s ridiculous. We’re not stopping at the Final Four. National champions is more like it.


Thats what Im talkin about!

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Has our social media put out any hype content? At all?



Isaac Traudt mini dopple on the left


Just this as far as I’ve seen


Friday night is another 9pm RSN game, but with a much better coverage map for Northeast corridor Wahoo fans:


@Fiire was huge last night with the thing he sent to watch the game. Worked perfectly for me


If you had this year’s roster and are playing against last year’s Duke team at JPJ, who do you put on AJ Griffen?

  • Reece
  • Armaan
  • Kihei
  • Kadin
  • Jayden
  • BVP
  • Taine
  • McKneely
  • Papi
  • Dunn
  • Traudt
  • Burn Leon Bond’s redshirt

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How are you feeling after the season opener?

  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Not Great

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The intro video leading into the starting line up announcement was WEAK AF last night.

Worst we’ve had in years.

Please explain for those of us who didnt see it… ha

From what I could see the Twitter account also didn’t post a season hype video. Maybe they used all of their resources on bus shots and J Willy clapping?


Lol wow I’m the only person who’s feeling “great.” I wonder how much of that is a function of expectations. After the B/W scrimmage my feeling was, “Okay this is last year’s team but a bit better in some key areas.” (Outside shooting from the 2/3 (Armaan, McKneely), better Kody (BVP), more depth and lineup flexibility (BVP, McKneely, and maybe Traudt/Dunn later in the year).)

The thing is, I think just being “a bit better” in those areas is going to make a huge difference in results. (For instance, if Armaan had merely shot “as expected” last season, it would have elevated the entire offense and made a world of difference. Now it looks like he’s got his shot back, and we’ve got McKneely as a backup possibility.) Plus, all the unknowns are pretty much pure upside.


I guess it also depends on what you were hoping for from this season too. A small improvement would definitely be big difference in results. Relative to last year’s team, we probably don’t lose to Navy and JMU and a few others with this year’s squad, and we probably make the tournament. But does a slight improvement keep us from getting absolutely blown out by a team of last-year’s Houston caliber? At least we’ll kind of get to find out with the schedule we’ve got.


Agreed. Certainly anyone who thought we’d be playing at Houston’s level, in December, should not now be feeling great. We might still win that game, but it would be due to variability, not because we’re a comparable team, and the range of possible outcomes includes some ugly ones.

That said, I think we start the year as a fringe Top 25 squad and (barring injury) are only going to go up from there. Which should make us an ACC title contender.


How is it that Houston lost 4 of its top 6 producers from last year and are still an early-season juggernaut?

They get back two guys who were starters, but missed a lot of time to injury (Sasser and Mark), and they brought in two frosh with OAD and maybe lottery potential.