General UVA basketball Thread November

Basically what you think ha. He didnt get the whole set up so kind of a let down in response. Would be more candid in person for sure


It was a good interview and glad the Jwilly show is back!


Let the celebration begin…. not currently DFL in adjusted pace!


Man we are even pushing the ball more now I felt like. How are we 2nd to last? Dear lord lol Could just be we were that far behind to begin with.

Whatever in my mind we are running way more so im havin fun.


Our scrimmage win over UConn keeps looking better.


2 big things i see. We are extending the packline on the perimeter and creating havoc and steals …

Then getting out on the fast break. TB adjusting to his skill set.


And … we lead the Nation in assisted field goals. Enjoy folks. We have a front row seat to observe the performance of a hall of fame coach …


We are actually 10th to last in raw data - not adjusted for opponents … 1st time this decade.
Last year we were at 59.9 possessions per game.
This year at 63.5 possessions per game … it’s pretty significant.
That pace would have put us 10th to last - last year too.


Silly numbers, we dropped back to dead last overnight…

Average possession length on offense is down to 19.1 seconds from 20.3 last year. Average possession length on defense is down to 18.7 seconds from 19.4 last year. Probably the exact result of being more aggressive defensively and getting some runout opportunities.


The Maryland scrimmage win also looks good now. It’s kind of funny how both of those performances seemed underwhelming at the time.


There are, by my very unofficial count, 8 schools that are still undefeated in both men’s and women’s basketball. Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas State, St. John’s, UNLV, Virginia.


Lol yea who knew we were having a Final Four round robin?

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This is the first time UVa has scored 70 or more points in their first five games of the season under Tony Bennett, and the first time as a program since 2007


Comparing last year to this year. Through 5 games, the data (and eye test) suggest the following is true:

  • Kadin has made the leap, and might be our best player. He’s more efficient on both offense and defense and he’s getting to the line and making FTs. He’s also not fouling the other team as often and its allowed him to stay on the court more.

  • BVP is much more of a game changer than many of us imagined (myself included). He rarely is gonna make a “wow” play but he does the little things. Rebounds well, passes well, has been making his 3’s, and seems to have picked up the system quickly on defense.

  • Reece continues to be damn good. It’s not quite the level to which some of us think he could get to, but he’s improved nearly every aspect of his game. The shot looks better and he has some swagger that hasn’t been there in past years. I particularly love how he’s been even more efficient when his usage rate has gone up significantly

  • Ryan Dunn is both raw and also a very useful player. He’s already a pretty good defender due to his switch-ability

  • Caffaro isn’t perfect, but he’s better than last year. He’s shooting better at the rim and generally making less mistakes. The fouling is still an issue though.

  • Armaan has been significantly better. The defense could still use some improvement, but his shot has come around like we all hoped it would.

  • Kihei fits so much better on this team than the previous 2 years, and his shot is also probably a bit better.

  • Gardner seems to be basically the same guy, he’s struggled a bit on offense but he’ll still have his nights. Hasn’t really added much to his game. He’s solid but we simply don’t need him as much as we did last year.

  • Mckneely can shoot. Hopefully as he gets more comfortable he can show a little more. I think he’s gonna be good but he’s probably not the second coming of Kyle Guy. (For reference, Kyle Guy had a BPM of +17 through 6 games his Freshman year and roughly +7 for the whole year)

  • Taine. If he doesn’t find his shot, he’s gonna have a hard time getting minutes because his game is pretty dependent on it.

Team is good y’all. Let’s enjoy the ride.


So far BvP = MVP. A lot of people ragged him as our portal pick, but I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who would have fit better here (cue Dave and Haney).

Gardner messed with his shooting form - shouldn’t have done that because he needs to be efficient at the 12 foot jumper and the FT line. Eyeball says he’s having trouble.

Like the way Kihei is playing - really understanding his role.

Kadin is still a bit passive offensively ~ I think he should have tried a couple of 3s.

Reece’s jumper isn’t the prettiest to look at, but he is stroking it with more confidence each game.

This team, and it’s coach, have an edge that we have been lacking.


I thought Traudt would’ve been a better fit, if not a better player, because I thought playing him early would pay dividends later. But I was wrong about the ceiling of this roster. Plus, I’ve said this a lot now, I still believe in sports villains, and BVP was one, but he decided to transfer here and be cool and that’s cool

H/t @Serum114 @DFresh11


That shit is so good. Big Up to @Serum114 also. f does Serum mean?



Always thought it was cough syrup or some shit


With you on Traudt, but I think the redshirt may unlock a huge next two years for him