Having issues with VIP access? Info here

Just FYI, we’re making some updates on the site and forum to fix some VIP access issues.
We’ll have those updated ASAP. @kodie will ping this thread when issues are resolved.


You can take my Facebook. You can take my Instagram. But LRA?!?!? That’s the last straw


Hey guys, I am still working through this and wanted to give an update.

This is now resolved for new users who recently joined VIP, however, we are still having an issue on renewals where a renewal event causes the VIP tag to be removed. Will give another update in the next 24 hours!

Thanks for your patience.



The issue is now resolved. If you for some reason still cannot access VIP please DM me and ill look into it!


This issue is back again! If you had a successful renewal in the past 4 days it is likely that your VIP status could have been removed. We are working on this and hope to have an update tomorrow morning.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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Not sure if it is appropriate to post here so apologies ahead of time if needed. It appears I am affected. I can’t get into the 2023 Tracker thread or whatever it is called. I can get into other VIP areas though. I believe I was renewed on 9/8/21.

For diagnostic purposes I’ve been renewed more than four days ago and cannot access it either

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I seem to have lost access as well.

October 1 renewal - lost access now.

My renewal was 16 days ago and I lost access as well.

Do you happen to know what day you lost access?

Same as Karl, renewal on Oct 1. I lost access 8 days ago, then got it back for a day or two, now gone again. I.e., so perhaps it’s something more than just a renewal that’s triggering the issue.

September 26th renewal and lost access 10/1, regained it for a while, then lost it again yesterday.


9/14/2021 renewal; noticed loss of access yesterday

I lost access also.

I’m another one in the pile.

Thanks for the help. I am hoping to have this wrapped up tonight. Will update this thread in the morning.


Weird. I never signed up but I have access. What do you guys want to know?