Having issues with VIP access? Info here

I have my access back FWIW

When I click on the “2023 Tracker” thread it takes me to the "Join The Family

BECOME A LRA VIP" page. So no VIP for me yet.


I use MS Edge as my browser (on a PC) if that is any help.

Oh, good idea. I bounce between Safari on my iPhone and Firefox on a desktop.

It doesn’t appear to be browser related. I logged in from Firefox on a Linux PC and still no VIP access.

No VIP for me either.

Those two unread posts on the “2023 Tracking” thread are sitting there mocking me.


It’s nothing from HGN so it’s not that big of a deal. Just something I noticed on social media and some info from other boards.


My VIP renewed today, and I got my access back.

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Can we get emailed the Ryan Dunn update lol


Lol, you’re all lucky I don’t have VIP access right now. I’d be posting my breakfast and lunch menus just to make people think interesting things were happening in those threads.


If I cancel my VIP account and then rejoin, will I be able to read Haney’s lunch menu?


Posted the Ryan Dunn Preview as V. P Blog. Can you see if you have access?

I just tried and I can’t view it.

Me neither

Me too. I am on the VIP monthly plan.

I can see it. Thanks, @Merch!

OK, you should be able to login, click the link and it should work…

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Works now. Thanks!