Hoos Going Pro 2021-22 NBA Season

Gotcha that makes sense.

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Still no words on Mike Scott or Justin right? I’m kind of guessing Mike Scott’s NBA days are numbered but curious whether either or both sign somewhere or head to Europe. Or maybe they start pursuing other professional opportunities.

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I’ve seen both guys posting videos of workouts on social media, but no concrete news about either.


I think Mike may be ay the end of the road for his NBA days. JA maybe gets a Gleague loom but I’m also afraid his days may be numbered wish he’d go overseas


What’s really amazing is that ty Jerome can play for the thunder and also start at striker for the USMNT


haha. I made similar comment to my boys watching one of the games hahahhaha

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With the beard he’s a dead ringer

And I gotta say this team of youngsters looks massively leveled up from a skills perspective vs the aged teams we were throwing out the last several years. There is hope.


There is definitely hope. Have a lot more true talent than in the past. That said, we’re still putting up some showings like that Panama game a few days ago so…. who knows.

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Terrible news re: Mamadi injury. Probably means that he will not get a roster spot with the Thunder. Sucks.


I pray I am wrong but likely an end of his NBA shot

Damn, I hope not

Man Norfolk, with you when it rains it Really pours!

Let’s see how long he would be out for before discounting his entire NBA career.


I really hope I’m wrong but a broken hip may be the worst injury an athlete can have

A broken hip? Damn that’s awful. Certainly that can be career threatening depending on what actually happen. If the ball and socket joint is damaged it could be a long road to recovery.

If it happened on the play I’m thinking of, Mamadi took a dive when he and a Bucks player got their feet tangled up. He was down for a minute but walked off the court.

It happened in front of the Bucks bench, and Giannis came onto the court to check if Mamadi was ok. Cool to see how much Mamadi is liked by his former teammates.

I saw this photo of Giannis giving Mamadi a hug after the game. Hopefully the injury isn’t super serious if he was walking around and giving hugs.


Maybe a bit of optimism here…


Hoping they’d do right by him and at help take care of him while he rehabs. If he was walking after the injury that’s a great sign that it may not be as serve and he can maybe make a full recovery.