I wish this wasn't my 1st New Topic re: Alabama

It could just be what @Bedfordhoo speculated in another thread:

Also, the person providing the gun may make a better witness than co-defendant. If prosecution needs him to tell the story, they won’t bring a charge that makes their more important charge more difficult to prove in court.


Yeah I was gonna say, a lot of this has already been discussed at length in another thread yesterday.

If Miller does play tonight and the South Carolina band doesn’t play “Murda on my mind” then man that’s a missed opportunity. Might be an old UVA Pep band move.

If a friend texts you to bring their gun because of a situation, offer to drive them home instead lol


I’m guessing he doesn’t play tonight

Lots of other stuff in here but confirms that Miller was asked to bring the gun and he brought the gun:


Up til this post I was really confused by what was happening.


Brandon Miller warming up. Never mind

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Cmon ESPN2… is there a rod blagovech gif. You’ve got this golden thing, and you’re wasting it?

rod blagojevich GIF

Miller really “delivering” tonight….

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Don’t forget he also had… one assist…



Right, it comes down to this part:

" Without Brandon knowing any of this context, and as Brandon was already on the way to pick up Mr. Miles, Mr. Miles texted Brandon and asked him to bring him his firearm. Brandon subsequently arrived at the scene to pick up Mr. Miles."

The lawyer is leaving the reader with the implication that Miller is just doing his Uber thing and doesn’t know anything about any gun until later when he reads his texts, but also the lawyer doesn’t explicitly say that, and presumably the lawyer could’ve said that if it were true (though I generally don’t like that type of inference).

None of this is particularly relevant to anything legal. It’s just that, with the facts we have, there’s a large space here still between “Miller is guilty only of having violent idiot friends who he had the bad luck of driving around” and “Miller exercised a lack of judgment that led fairly directly to a young mother losing her life - and while it may not violate any of Alabam’s criminal laws or Nate Oats’s (nonexistent) team rules, it was a pretty awful thing to do.”

I don’t really know. I think we may just be left with a lack of info, and will have to watch this guy use this backlash as fuel and be conflicted in how we feel about it…


The lawyer’s also in a weird spot, as Miller isn’t charged legally, but he needs to be defended in the court of public opinion. So the lawyer just needs to paint a narrative that’ll keep his college career afloat, not build a case he can defend in court.


You bring a guy a gun who then uses it to kill someone, I think there’s some culpability there. See if you’re a non-Alabama sports star if you don’t get charged.

I mean, that’s his lawyer’s take which means its the absolute best-case scenario for Miller.


“My client thought he was delivering the gun so that his teammate could take it to a gun safety class.”


“Oh I thought he said bring me my GUM”


I don’t want to pass judgement on the man and we’ll see how this plays out. I think it hurts his draft stock for sure. There are a couple of fishy statements in that lawyer’s statement, though.

“Brandon never saw the handgun nor handled it.”

“Miles texted Brandon and asked him to bring him his firearm. Brandon subsequently arrived at the scene to pick up Mr. Miles.”

You’re telling me a dude leaves a gun in your car and texts you to bring said gun to him yet you claim you never saw it or touched it. If someone texts you to bring their gun back to them, you don’t go WTF and look in the backseat to see what the F the dude is talking about.

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