In-season Basketball Recruiting 2022-2023

2025 Nate Ament on his unofficial. Looks like his trainer (MVM Training) was with him. A lot of the DC kids train with him (off the top of my head Isaiah Abraham, Justin Robinson the former hokie, all the DC kids who go to Villanova, etc.).

(need an instagram account to watch)

  • 2024 wing Kon Knueppel visiting for the Duke game (Feb 10-12).

  • 2023 G Cameron Carr deciding soon most likely (His own instagram story said “real soon” and @HoozGotNext is guessing in the next two weeks). Just visited Tenn. and Louisville (lol)

  • 2024 pg Travis Perry said he wants to get to UVA as soon as he can. Purdue favorite at the moment. Kentucky can jump in whenever.

  • 2024 pg Daniel Freitag is probably going to visit when his football season is over. Wisconsin early favorite.

  • 2024 Wing Juke Harris lists UVA as one of the 5 schools he wants to official to this upcoming year. Already official visited Tennessee and Houston I believe. HGN think Hokies are the sleeper here and he already has his official scheduled for January 4th there. Enjoy the dark room and the big ass fan.

  • 2024 wings Jaeden Mustaf and Rakease Passmore ain’t happening

  • 2024 wings Isaiah Abraham and Caleb Williams have already been to UVA a few times on unofficials. No idea on official visits but Abraham did mention wanting to take official visits to UVA and UConn. Both have also already visited Villanova. And Caleb Williams seems to be moving along coming off a Michigan official and having already officialed to Indiana.

  • Do we have a chance now with Jarin Stevenson? Who knows what’s happening with Jarin Stevenson? Except that it’s not happening.

Need our future pg. Need a shooter of some sorts. Need another guard/ball handler. Need another wing. Need a forward/ someone who can play either front court spot.


Crickets on Carr’s recruitment. Interesting that neither the Tenn or Louisville site got interviews. Sounds like he’ll lay out his plans to Bossi. Would assume he announces this weekend before the season starts. Who knows the behind the scenes stuff but I’m actually back to leaning back toward one of the early guys with longest relationships in his recruitment, Northwestern or KSU. I mean, hope it’s us, because think we can really bold hi, but this is really just killing time til next Monday. Nothing else to speculate on and I don’t play softball

Louisville mods brief comment

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khnordeen said… (original post) Thanks for sharing Jody! Any word on how Carr’s visit went?

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Went well. We will have his comments in the next day or so. Eric Bossi working on a story on his recruitment


GWIII flips from Ohio St to Michigan


Is Perry severely underrated? He sure is getting a lot of attention

No he’s really good. I think Ive said before there are people in that local scene who think Perry might be better than Reed Sheppard.


Daniel Freitag’s aau teammate. No idea if genuine interest or moreso just contact from recruiting Freitag as well.

Im not a fan. Too slow for a front court player. No defensive versatility.


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Does Philly not produce enough hoops talent? Why does Nova have to flaunt their DC dominance like this?


Probably because they’re worried the DMV sleeping giants (Hoyas, Terps) might awaken.

Is Jay Wright a hoops savant if Turgeon and all the Hoya washouts didn’t wash out? Probably not.


One more thing on this. I need a ruling from DC area folks:

Booth, Ochefu, and Whitmore are all from Baltimore, or the Baltimore area. Is Baltimore part of the DMV? I had kinda thought DMV was DC and it’s Maryland and Virginia suburbs. So it cuts off at what? Calverton? Laurel?

It’s kind of weird. DMV started out as being used to refer to the whole mid-atlantic region - literally Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Some people still use it that way. But it kind of got co-opted to mean the greater DC area only now. Not sure how that happened.

To answer your specific question: Not sure what the cut-off is when people refer to it as greater DC. Laurel definitely fits, Calverton … eh. Maybe just the genesis of the name, but feels like it doesn’t.


When we lived in NOVA, I didn’t consider Baltimore part of DMV. On the MD side, I thought of PG County, Montgomery Co and maybe part of Frederick. But that’s about it.


I always understood it as “DC, Maryland, Virginia” when people said DMV. Do people actually include Delaware?

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Maybe Delmarva = Delaware, and DMV = DC?

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Maybe DMV is just the DC Metropolitan Statistical Area as defined by the census: Washington metropolitan area - Wikipedia


Sounds like Cameron Carr is in the jury room now, they’re expecting a verdict soon. Tough one to read, but UVA is right there.


@Hooandtrue how are those follows looking?