In-Season Recruiting 2023-24

VJ Edgecombe come be next


Hmmm very interesting…but I ain’t buying it. Scheyer is probably telling him to “create some hype and drama to boost his brand” just for him to eventually choose those fuckers.

… oh it wasn’t serious lol. Yeah he’s like 200% not coming here.


I think VJ watched that and, like the rest of us, said WTF! WOW!




Lol Jemison is a top 50 talent in the 2024 class. If we somehow get him to reclass idk about redshirting him back to 2025. We weren’t going to redshirt Hodge and Jemison was straight up way better than hodge on a better 17U team at Peach Jam.


The 2025 prospect who popped the most for me though was St. Thomas More’s London Jemison. It wasn’t that he did anything extreme on the stat sheet – he was very solid with 33 total points in two games – but the versatility of his tools, maturity of his approach, and clear potential all resonated.

He’s an athletic 6-foot-7 combo-forward of sorts who has potential to develop into a big wing down the road. He’s got the type of frame that is already cut and solid, but likely going to look vastly different a couple of years from now. He’s athletic and capable of making some explosive plays in the open floor. He can put the ball on the floor, has soft natural touch, is gradually becoming a more consistent shooting threat, and while he continues to stretch his game, he plays with general efficiency. He’s also an engaged defender with a quality motor on both ends of the floor.


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Who has Jemison visited?

Providence and St Johns on unofficial visits. But nowhere officially yet


He’s a great player, but I feel like the ship with him has long since sailed and he’s hardly on my radar anymore.


Cool edit


Not sure where we stand on Jackson Keith these days but Southern and STAB both were invited to play in the John Wall tournament this December and are in the same bracket so Jackson Keith and Chance Mallory will be featured. Doesn’t show who plays who but hoping they match up round 1 or at least STAB plays Burlington School (I like their odds to win against TBS better than Southern’s).

Millbrook is also playing so Colt Langdon will be in action as well.

@HoozGotNext anyone else UVA is currently eyeing in NC? Here’s this year’s list of teams for anyone that’s curious:


Highland School (Nate Ament) is on the list too. He’s not there but in NC, Jalylen Cross is the only other one in '25 that comes to mind.

Someone was in for Jackson Keith


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