Kadin Shedrick

I watched the post game Virginia Tech game on Locker Room Access with Mark Jerome and friends. Mark had stated he was going to ask J Willy if Shedrick was close to returning but the topic never came up. Is he done for the year and they are just keeping that close to the wheel? Anyone close to the team/staff know if theres a chance he can return this year. At this point, I’m not feeling too optimistic.

I think Tony said he’s improving but isn’t close to coming back.

Don’t think there is a timeline or any reason to share his status until they absolutely have to…


And since they’re likely to ever have to, we won’t ever get anything more than speculations

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I’ve heard somewhere the rumor is mono? Regardless how do we not know what the deal is. He’s been out for weeks and we literally have no idea why.


TB said in the postgame that Shedrick was indeed available (I had noticed he had his game shorts on this game unlike prior games he was just in his sweats). He also said that both he and Kody had practiced fully or close to fully last few days and that Kody was close to being cleared.


@auva Is there a competitive advantage to not sharing a person’s timeline and health?

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There are privacy laws preventing the release of medical information without the consent of the patient. I think UVA and many other schools are even more careful than the law requires to include specific information about when the player is expected to return to playing.

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Those laws apply to health care professionals, not the coaches. There are plenty of injuries that teams don’t hold back on disclosing, so I imagine that they’ve decided that this one would be better kept private for whatever reason.

It is always advantageous to withhold information from the outside world.

What’s so hard to understand? Knowledge is power.

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I am unconvinced that there is any compelling reason that a player’s medical condition needs to be shared with the public beyond saying whether they are cleared to play or not. That’s the only thing that matters. Just because we’re curious is not a valid reason.


I’m just guessing, but I think that way before you play your first game in college, if you’re a student-athlete you have to sign a release form. I don’t know if it has precisely what you’re agreeing to have released, and to whom, or if it’s just a general, all-encompassing agreement you’re “agreeing” to, that gives the university the legal right to talk to anyone they want about your academic records and/or your past/present/future medical history. But I’m sure that coaches have to sign something similar to that when they sign their contracts: if not, the coach would just show up on the sidelines for the opening game, and people would be saying, “What happened to John Doe? Who is THIS guy?”

missed you 73Cav. glad you are back


Actually, I was thinking of FERPA, not HIPAA. I’m not an expert on either statute by any means, but FERPA prohibits colleges from releasing a students “educational records” without his or her consent. A student’s educational records would include any medical information that a school has about the student.

Cindy Shedrick tweeted today, “see you soon”. if Im reading between the lines it sounds as if hes back for sure.


It’s insane to believe that unpaid student athletes give up their rights to medical privacy so that they can play college sports. Please tell me what compelling public interest should override that.

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Just thinking about the game… It can only help the other team knowing the status of players… good reason not toshare


I don’t think it has anything to do with public interest, it is the way CTB deals with it. He has always respected his players and their interests/issues and rather not display them, which in this social media crazy times where rumors spread like wild fire, I truly ADMIRE!