Kon Knueppel - Official Thread

Waiting for HOOZ to tell us how the visit with Knueppel went yesterday along with the other recruits there ( Tell us HOOZ the other recruits names that were in attendance). Did we get a verbal from Knueppel before he left today? What an amazing environment for them to see…


Christian Bliss was there and two others that I did not meet @HoozGotNext proly knows


Patrick Ngongba. Maybe Isaiah Abraham or a 2025 kid?


Christian Bliss has a built in NIL deal in Cville with the sex shop Ultimate Bliss on 29.


Tony hire this man.


If I saw fotos I might be able to recall

Pulled from twitter



Hmmm. Maybe the kid in blue but not sure


There’s lots of talk about this in the winter recruiting thread……

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I’m sure Knueppel had a good time this weekend but his recruitment isn’t going to be decided for a while. Probably early summer. That’s always the goal, close out early recruits before July.

It’s a little bit like Leon Bond or Sam Hauser , very strong pull to stay at home. Marquette and Wisconsin are going to be in it until the end. And then there’s going to be another round of big boys joining in April.

I think it’ll be UVA or one of the Wisconsin schools in the end but yeah there’s going to be other competition coming.


Bliss looks legit to me from the videos I have watched of him play.


All I know about Kon is if @DFresh11 is in the mox it’s a done deal. My boy is the closer.


HOOZ, I am asking this question because I want to learn more about the recruiting process. IF a kid like Knueppel loves CTB and UVA and knows thats where he wants to go to school what other “influences” stop him from committing now? NIL money? making sure his handlers, team, AAU peeps are all happy? paid? What else goes into the decision making? im sure money is the first priority? educate me.

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He kinda sorta maybe has that Ty Jerome like change of pace if I remember right?


Who was the player host, do you know? Bond seems natural - Wisconsin native, outgoing/fun guy, and has more free time as a redshirt.


I don’t think NIL is going to make any kind of difference to Knueppel and his family are the only handlers.

Most 2024 recruits aren’t going to think about choosing a school until they go through the live periods in April. It’s the first time they’ll be the main attraction. Head Coaches have actually seen very little of them until then. See where things stand after that, who’s really invested in them, and go from there.


‘I’m sure money is the first priority’? Wtf. Based on what? Odd statement when you know nothing about the kid or family.

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thats why im asking…Don’t know anything really about the recruiting process now.

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See which head coaches have made them a top priority. Also could it be some recruits are waiting for another offer from another school they hope to attend? Example- Power last year preferred Scheyer over Bennett and thats why he would wait?

I don’t know. That’s not as much of a thing as it used to be. They used to stay with them. Now families come, they get nice hotels with welcome baskets haha I would guess Bond tho just because he wasn’t as occupied getting ready for the game.