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I’m a throwback/retro uniform lover. Give me uniforms like these with our colors. One white with navy/orange trim and lettering, one navy with white/orange trim and lettering, and then an alternate orange one with navy/white trim and lettering that’s worn maybe once a year.

Feels simple to me.

And maybe make the cardinal just a throwback cavalier or UVA logo.

Sorry this isn’t Kon related lol.


Agreed. It’s really not that hard to make sick looking Virginia jerseys. They just failed horribly the last time around.


Wasn’t part of the issue CTB? My understanding is he had substantial input on what he wanted the team’s look to be. Otherwise I’m guessing Nike would have put out something a bit snazzier.


Those shorts are cartoonish. Hope we never do anything like those.

He wanted us to look just like VT? It’s a generic and God awful Nike jersey.

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I’ve heard that but always been skeptical of that. I could totally be wrong but I sense more that TB just doesn’t care about the uniforms…

Again maybe there’s firm reports or info that proves me 100% wrong.

I could couldn’t care less about the uniforms, as they are. As long as there is a set of white unis and a set of navy (or orange) unis, I’m happy. To me, they are such a minor detail, and they shouldn’t be a distraction for anyone.


LRA should poll the team on what they think of the uniforms. Anybody who wants the results has to pay $10 into an NIL fund for the team.


I don’t think he got into the weeds but the way the design process typically works is that the designer asks for some initial guidelines and then presents a few different options from which the decision makers choose. I thought it was stated or implied that the lack of orange and overall plainness of the jerseys were partly because that’s what CTB preferred. To be clear, CTB is not responsible for Nike giving UVA virtually the same font as Tech.

I agree. I don’t think it matters and the team/staff shouldn’t care.

But I think it’s fair for us to yell into the void about it lol.


All fan bases want to complain about something. If it is something so trivial as the team’s uniforms that generates the angst for UVa fans, then the program must be in pretty good shape. These are the good ol’ days!



If the biggest issue I have with TB is that he doesn’t allow the uniforms to be as fun as I want, we’re doing great.

Won’t stop me from complaining about it though, even though I know it’s the smallest thing ever hahah.


No, that would be the number of national titles that our ag school cousins to our southwest can boast.

Dean Wormer could tell us how small that number is.

And Michael Scott would chime in with a joke.

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Exactly! There is nothing wrong with *discussing different jersey options. There are just some people on this site that love to come out to complain about the complainers all of the time even though it’s the offseason and there are only a few topics to discuss otherwise.


Cake day for @73CAV. Thanks for hanging out with us!

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Per the Louisville throwback jerseys, I would love to see a return to something as extremely bold as these gems (R.I.P. Chris Williams).


Happy cake day 73!


Pick a side 73. Could or couldn’t? Cake day is no excuse. (Just kidding - happy cake)

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Good catch. I totally missed it. I have no idea.

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Give me some Sampson era orange uniforms!