Lacrosse NCAA Tournament Thread

So, apparently the rebroadcast tonight was delayed by HS Lax championship. UVA game on now!!!

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The moment my bowels almost lost control… then did not and I celebrated!


let me just tell y’all the absolute joy i felt when rode made that save supplemented by the collective disappointment of a couple thousand maryland fans around me was something special


I almost shit in my britches too

Hey anybody have good insight into our lacrosse team this year? Better on paper (I think) but each loss got away from us. Is it just some lapses in focus until post season (Maryland hungrier) or is there a personel issue?

Not a expert at all. I think MD is just better than everyone else right now. I think they have been having some injury issues lately.

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We’re working to get healthy. And honestly just haven’t quite found our stride.

I thought we looked like world beaters in the first quarter of the first Cuse game (went up 8-1) but haven’t looked great along the way.

We have a ton of talent but have had injuries (Moore, Lasalla, Shellenberger, Conner, Saustad) and are once again trying to find our groove as we enter the post season.

We are absolutely worthy of the final weekend if we get healthy and click.

Need consistent midfield play. Connor, Garno, Schutts all neef to be better. LaSalla and the wings need to not have long dry spells when we get in the tourney. The talent is there. Not sure chemistry on O is quite there.

Maryland is superb. Gonna take a lot to beat them. Not sure Virginia will.

Our defense is not good enough this year to stop UMD

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Not sure anybody’s is

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The faceoff circle has lost us several games this year. The past few games have been much better, but the funk mid-season wasn’t helped by LaSalla and Braun losing the battle in the circle.

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LaSalla is so streaky we almost needed him to get his sucky stretch out of the way mid season lol


About as bad of a draw as we could’ve gotten


We got absolutely screwed with this bracket. Jim Phillips should be coming for the heads of the selection committee.

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also no Notre Dame or Duke at all in the tourney? ND went 5-1 in the ACC, the committee clearly didn’t think much of the conference this year


It’s absurd. Can see leaving Duke out due to number of losers but Notre Dame absolutely should be in.

My goodness 2x defending national champions, #3 in the polls, only 3 losses and we are unseeded?? And to make it worse they stick us in Maryland’s quarter of the bracket? Not only are we screwed the NCAA screwed themselves by making that matchup happen before the Final Four. Idiotic. I gotta log off for the night lol


Gonna be weak when we kick in the Big 10 teeth

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6 Ivy League teams … that’s absurd


It’s tough when we don’t have an AQ in the ACC