Line ups and rotations for tonight

I know nothing about SFPA and assume they are small, but my thoughts on the line up tonight and for that matter Kent St as those are all we have before MSU comes to town:

I still think (at least until MSU) Tony wants a tone setting defensive line up to start the game, hence Morsell and McKoy. This team really really needs to find away to keep Casey on the floor for his D. Unfortunately, I think the window is small for his O and decision making to come around.

I mean it’s just two games, and this is a hot take, but I feel like our best line up on the floor at any given time is 3 of Kihei, Reece, Casey and Tomas 1 of Sam/Trey and Jay. Kadin and Jabri as subs. Yes, I’d pretty much sit Kody and Papi unless match up dependent. If we stick with the 5 out we need guys on the floor that can get their own shot, rebound and defend. Those 9 guys in rotation gives us the best combo of those qualities


The lineup decisions tonight will be interesting because St Francis’s only true “big” is a thin 6’9” guy. CTB has had a habit of trying to match up defensively as opposed to creating mismatches offensively. Hence, it’ll be interesting to see how Huff is used.

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You guys beat me to the punch. Only players taller than 6’9 on their roster are two freshmen. Almost 5 guard like lineup.

Also agree with the sentiment that we are best when we have 3 guards on the floor but that makes decisions harder on the big men. Huff brings size and shot blocking, McKoy brings defense some post offense with 3 pt shooting and the ability to switch on defense and guard multiple positions, and Hauser brings the offensive scoring out put.

Highlights of St Francis’ upset over pitt this season

I agree regarding Morsell. If things start clicking for him, he will log significant minutes. If not, Tomas and Reece will get those minutes. I think Tony knows what he has with Tomas, thus limited minutes, Although, I expect those will increase and someone else’s will decrease. Reece is quickly earning playing time, although I do hope he takes a few more of Kihei’s minutes during ACC play. I also hope Jabri can find more minutes somewhere. Having said all that, I trust CTB to find the right chemistry and balance for our team. Exciting to have such options!

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Thanks for that. Tells me we’ll see a lot of small ball with Trey at the 5, Sam/Justin 4.

Kihei, Beekman, Casey, Sam and Mccoy i think

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I think thats our best lineup for today. I still think we start with huff and maybe see if we can get him post touches. If he is aggressive and our guards dont hesitate to feed him he could drop 100. But thats not going to happen. I think if either Kihei or reece struggle offensively maybe Woldo. (I am very much Team Woldo). Morsell of course can be benched too but he is more important on the defensive end being able to guard their 1-5 essentially

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Aside from Casey the Woldo playing time was my biggest issue Fri. He immediately came in, hit 2 BIG shots and had a great assist. He’s D is underrated


I’ll say, whomever is in at the 4/5, I damn well better see someone back down a smaller defender tonight. If Trey and Sam can’t take their 6’4 cover off the bounce then back them down. We’ll have opportunities like that all season

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This is my lineup based on watching the Pitt game highlights real quick. Remind me of Richmond somewhat in the UK game; replete with fast, aggressive lefty smaller PG


I think CTB may replace Casey or Reece with Tomas tonight. I would guess Casey. If it was tournament time, I think it would be Reece. However, I think they are still trying to develop Casey’s confidence.

Exactly why I think Casey starts: dont wanna make him think hes getting buried at this point. I like Tomas off the bench a lot actually. Seems like a cerebral guy that can gain insights watching early flow of the game then come in and do his thing


100% agree, can’t yank him yet. He’s got two games to get it together before MSU. You give him every opportunity to do so


They actually are pretty big - best player is 6-9 and their guards are 6-3, 6-4, 6-4, and 6-8

Their 6’8 and 6’9 guys though aren’t salt like bruisers. Very much modern fowards. But yeah its not like their guards are 5’3-5’4.

Maybe Reece Woldo Casey Hauser McKoy

They have knockdown shooters in Land, Laskey and Dixon-Conover and Stewart in the back-court. And those guys 6-4, 6-4, 6-3, and 6-8 … a small back-court lineup against them won’t affect their shooters enough. And their big guards are reminiscent of FSU’s guards in finishing strong inside.

I just think Hauser is best at the 4. If. they go small he can post up and if they go big he can bring the big to the perimeter, shoot over them if they dont close out, use his bag of tricks to get a bucket. Same with Murphy at the 4/5 since his drives are a little slow and probably will have more success driving on a big versus an athletic and mobile 6’5 guard. Might be a game where Stattmann is called on defensively as well if we go that deep into our bench (which we should in non-con. Heck I want some Jabri)

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All I know is I want to see Reece play at least 30 minutes. I think he’s clearly going to be our best guard by February let’s get him as much time as possibly now.


I feel like this is another problematic matchup for us. Makes me a wee bit nervous

They utterly dominated Pitt … it wasn’t an upset.