Mailbag: Summer Standouts, Dream Class, +more


Do you think we’re angling for a certain visit ‘spot’ with both guys. Maybe first for Dunn last for Sensabaugh if needed?

Any anticipation Traudt will visit this fall, commited or otherwise?

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“Yeah, Isaac has been a great recruiter. He’s especially been helpful with Traudt, but you see him reaching out to all these recruits on social media. It’s really cool. I’m glad fans continue to show appreciation for him. Recruits that commit early like he did miss out on a lot of the hype and media attention that goes along with a high profile recruiting process.”

It’s like collecting (or anything else in life lol). You are so focused on the next addition sometimes you forget to take time to appreciate what you have.

Watching McKneely this summer, the player comp for me isn’t Kyle Guy or Joe Harris. For me he reminds me of Darius Thompson but with a 3 pt shot. Just the way he moves


I don’t know anything about Sensabaugh or Dunn visiting yet. Usually just let them put that out there in their own way. Looks like Sensabaugh will. If nothing on Dunn is out there soon, we’ll ask him.

I doubt Traudt visits again unless he’s committed. Recruits talk about that but since they changed the rules allowing for 5 junior visits/5 senior visits, I don’t know of anyone who’s actually taken two officials to the same school unless committed.


Matt Mooney but better.

Also :eyes: at getting a 5 star in 2023


Now that you mention it, physically and athletically, Mooney as a comp is spot on.

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I want Isaiah Collier at the pg spot (if and when Foster goes to Duke). No idea if it’s possible though. The first clip I watched of him had Bruce Pearl ( :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:) and Auburn is pretty close to where Collier’s from (somewhere in Georgia).

At peach jam, he was like one of only 5 players who looked like they knew what they were doing on the court. I also just hate aau basketball sometimes.

Gonna go ahead and pencil in that second Traudt OV.

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Wonder where Matt Mooney is now. Only not really. Solid player seemed like a good dude

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I think he’s at summer league. Nuggets maybe? Or Jazz?

It’s funny. I’m a big fan of all those Texas Tech guys. Maybe cause I’ve watched that game so many times. I hope they all succeed.


Am with you there. Their fans were awesome too. Auburn not so much


So day of the final game me and Cory were leaving the hotel cause Cory Alexander was my driver all weekend. I go to hotel bar and there are 3 or 4 Texas Tech fans. I say “men I am UVa and we have a beer on the game tonight so yall are buyin!”

The TTU guys said Hell yea brother get whatever you want.

Redneck class right there


Matt Mooney occurred to me too. But I think mostly because they physically look the same. Isaac is probably a better athlete with more hops. And I’m hoping his three point percentage in college is in the low 40’s plus, rather than Mooney’s mid 30’s career percentage. Would be awesome if McKneely has Mooney’s toughness though.



Auburn fans are still so salty. F them.


He runs a camp here in Lubbock.
My kids go to TT. One of my daughters works for an athletic store here in Lubbock. So the week between the regional finals and the final four she was tasked to take those basketballs you can autograph around and get the players to sign. She goes to Mooney’s and Morreti’s place. She said they were both very cool and nothing but great things to say about our fellas, Mooney in fact said guy was the best shooter he had ever seen.


I’ll never forgive Gene Steratore for bringing up the stupid double dribble non call like 5 minutes after it happened and no one noticed. Gave UVA haters so much ammo


The same dummy that said slow motion video distorts images and reality. :man_facepalming:


Very cool. And Guy may be the best I have ever seen

My cousin Dr Marc Lachbaum is a sports psych PHD at TT. Loves golf in case you know him

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