Mailbag: Transfers, Super Seniors, 2023 Recruits etc

I just want our guys to be good hometeam


G Isaac M ROY
G Franklin
PF Isaac T
C Shedrick Block Leader

Gardner 6th MOY

RS Dunn💪

McCorkle? :dash:

10 man rotation easy if Isaacs are as good as expected. Franklin better improve if he wants to keep his spot.

I admit, mentally I’ve got Jayden back next season. Plenty of development in front of him.


Hoos he going to lose it to? Curious what you are anticipating because I see no reasonably probable circumstance (barring injury) where Franklin is not a 25+ minute a night guy next year. Worst case scenario he’s 6th man.


Super excited about next year’s lineups. I’d go with Reece!!, McKneely, Armaan, Gardner, and either Shed or Papi at the 5. I cannot wait to be a part of the early season overreactions when Traudt comes in early for Gardner or Papi and has 15 in a Huff v Austin Peay situation.

Always here for knee jerk reactions, and I think next year will be as loaded with them as this year, just hopefully of a more positive variety


I just don’t see how we can lock into a 7 or even 8 man rotation next year. If there was ever a year to use 10, next year will be it. Outside of Reece, there’s no need for anyone to play 30+ mins per game.


Yep and it was a crime Huff didn’t play again that year and only 9 min a game the next when he was our most efficient player that year and Highest career PER in uva history

My guess/hope is we see something more like the 2016-2017 season where there were about 10 players in the rotation. Decent year and yes the end result was a second round loss in the NCAAT, and get there were a few transfers out, but prepped the younger players for the ultimate result two years later.

Edit: Forgot how bad our 3 point percentage was in the loss to Florida in the second round that year. 6.7%. Yikes. Hopefully that is never repeated in a single game again…


Good comparison, but feel like next year could be a lot more balanced than 2016-17. Much better inside players. More shooters. Franklin & Gardner have mid range games that squad lacked.


Very true. More ways to score if the three isn’t falling, which I still hope is much better next year.

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Dang, even complaints about our championship season playing time. Tony could have started Stevie Wonder at PG, and I’d be okay with it knowing a banner went up that year.


Tony had a sub ready to go in when Nichols was backing Kihei down every play. Call the TO!

(and don’t get me started on the Koumadje/Kabenegle missed match-ups)

(I’m mostly joking, but I do wish Tony was more OCD on subs and less OCD on the 2-foul rule)

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Similarly, I see nothing in Bennett’s past tendencies to indicate that there is remotely any possibility that Traudt or any other Freshman starts over a 5th year senior Gardner.

Maybe (hopefully) Bennett expands the rotation and Gardner and Franklin each play fewer mpg, but barring injury, they’re absolutely starting. We all know how loyal he is to the guys who’ve stayed loyal to him.


Tony’s got to be able to adjust as things change. Gardner and Franklin can’t go anywhere if they are unhappy with playing time next year. All the other guys can.

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Yeah - I know Tony liked to keep other teams in it in 2019 Tourney. It made it more exciting for us all!!!
But yes - I believe if Huff and Key had played even the 31 min per game they had averaged in ACC play combined that year in the NCAA’s we don’t have a close game. Huff had averaged 11 minutes a game in ACC play and suddenly we get to the Tourney and he plays 18 minutes in 6 games. It’s no coincidence our only easy game from start to finish was the Oklahoma game where he played 9 minutes and had the dunk of the tournament.
Also strange that Key had averaged 20 min a game in ACC play and suddenly in the madness only played 11 min vs Gardner Webb, 7 min against Oregon, 1 min against Purdue, and 10 min against Auburn… averaging 13 min a game in the madness.
It’s not a coincidence he played 21 min against Oklahoma and we won easily.
It’s not a coincidence he played 29 minutes against Texas Tech including the last 3 min of regulation and all 5 minutes of OT when we went on a 26-18 run with him in the game.

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Ugh I love this board so much but damn it’s hard to come here and read this stuff everyday.


The one game strategy where I quibble with Tony was Oregon. We beat them at THEIR game, but that game might not have been as close if we had tried to be more aggressive. But I got his Huff thing, more or less. When he came in vs Texas Tech, hobbled Tariq Owens went right at him. So Tony pulled him. Plus Huff was a killer in that continuity ball screen, but for reasons I don’t entirely understand, we had switched to spread ball screen in the tourney.

I mean, you can pretty much tell the story of Tony’s undying love for Kihei when the Oregon and Texas Tech staffs were imploring their guys to leave Kihei open (Sperber has a great video on this) and Kihei just buried the shots, cold bloodedly. Now, I tend to agree with you, Dave, that I also wonder why you wouldn’t play more of the guy/s that opposing coaches wouldn’t tell their guys to leave open, but all in all, I get Tony’s POV on this.

Plus Huff and Guy had an all time play going into the half vs Okla, where Guy screened for Huff to take a jumper. Huff must have mucked it up bc Tony got in Jay’s ear going into the locker room.

:man_shrugging: its just talking hoops. If you don’t like Dave’s opinions, you can tell him why he’s wrong, like I just did.

That’s my advice: if you read a bad opinion on this board, consider it an invitation to talk hoops, not as a personal affront to your world view. (Good advice for me, too)


You can use the ignore feature. It gives you the option to view ignored replies if you’re ever curious, as well as has a timer feature to release from ignore.

Or just gloss over the Kihei / playing time dialogues that pop up every couple of days and move along rather than fuel it.

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It’s not that it’s just a bad opinion, which it is, it’s that it’s a bad opinion in what feels like every other post on this board. That just gets old. It wears you down. I know Tony can do some stuff better but I don’t need to hear about how the M’s would’ve made this season better or Huff should’ve played more in the tournament in 19 (lol) or the like every 20 minutes. I would ignore him but it would make things hard to follow because he wants to tell us how much more he knows all the time.

I think it’s good to critique and question and vent as a mixture to blindly following one of the most successful coaches in the last decade (and when you consider the school maybe Top 10 ever), but there are days (and I enjoy most of your posts at least Haney) that I wish you and Dave were off venting in your own thread haha.


Maybe that’s a good idea - we’ll start a new thread