March 2023 - ACC Hoops

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For those wondering how it’s going elsewhere:


Lol. I tuned in after our game and noticed the FT disparity was 25 to 8 at the time. Seems all is normal again in Durham.


Holding his ankle is a nice touch. Moving more toward the soccer flop with that move


I was coaching a state 10U all star soccer team last year and we had a kid flop a few times … we told him to
Knock it off and play like a man and stop putting his teammates in bad positions trying to cover for him… we’ll he couldn’t help himself and did it again so I took him out and then played him like 4 minutes in the championship game and his dad was all angry and stuff … I just told him soccer is played on your feet and not on your belly… he wouldn’t even stay for pictures… more parent enabling… smh


So I don’t really follow the seeding scenario stuff much,but did hear we can finish no worse than 3rd.

In order to go higher we really need Pitt to lose tonight to ND and at Miami Sat. Then we’d get the 2.

If we care about winning/tieing for the reg season title I guess we want Pitt to lose tonight and beat Miami on Sat, then (assuming we win) all 3 finish 15-5 but we still get the 3 as we lose both tie breakers.

Not sure it really matters, but guess we prefer the above and tie for reg season champs with the 3 seed. 3 seed is looking at State or VT and 2 is looking at UNC


Definitely would love share of the regular season but I dont think ACC Tourney seed matters much. Double bye is all we care about I think (bye or buy?)


Agreed. At this point the shared regular season title is a nice to have, but it’s basically out of the teams control so no sense in wringing hands over it.

The double bye is crucial. The time off for this group is needed. I won’t lie this is the first time in a while I really want to win the ACCT.


The likely scenario to get a share of the regular season is Pitt wins tonight then loses at Miami. That would create a 3 way tie. A Pitt loss tonight would guarantee us a share if we beat Louisville but I’m not expecting Pitt to lose tonight.

Your scenario above would be a 2 way tie with Pitt and Miami a game back.


Senior night at ND and Brey’s last home game. Could get interesting.


I rarely talk about another team winning a game … but forget about it … Go Irish!!!


That’s a good point. Forgot about the Brey angle

Much rather play State/VT than UNC or Duke. 3 seed would be fine with me that draw is manageable.


Ga Tech scored 71 in the first 25 minutes vs Syracuse … have we ever done that in an ACC game?

Have we done it in practice?


Our record in a half might have been the 2019 team dropping 47 in the second half at Cuse. That’s like 70+ pace adjusted right? Next years team won 48-34 at Cuse, both impressive in their own ways.


As far as ACC tournament seedings go, we could be a 2,3,4.

The 4 seed scenario is if we end up 14-6 and so does Duke and Pitt. Miami would be 1st place at 15-5 Clemson would also have to lose to ND and finish 13-7.

In that scenario, UVA, Duke, Pitt are all 1-1 head to head. In that scenario it then goes to how you did against the 1 seed, Miami, Duke 1-1, Pitt 1-1, UVA 0-1. Duke beat Pitt head to head, so Duke 2 seed, Pitt 3 seed, UVA 4 seed.

But that would require UVA to lose to UL, Clemson to lose at home to ND, Pitt to lose twice, and Duke to win at UNC. So unless the craziest of crazies happen we are a 2 or 3.

Edit: Actually. I had it wrong changed above.

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Also, only UVA and Miami have clinched double byes, Pitt could still end up the 5 seed.


If Duke ends the season a game out of first place, just imagine how much the Dookies will be screaming about that call again…


sorry not sorry win GIF