March 2023 - UVA Hoops

He definitely Goodman-ified over the last few years. Seems to take joy in developing an outlook and sticking with it regardless of what a deeper analysis says, especially if some fans are upset by it.


Agreed, too much time hanging out with that sith lord Goodman.

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Yea he actually was pretty good in the years leading up to the national title. Seems running his own network has changed his priorities


I’ve listened to several NCAA tournament podcasts this week. Some have been specifically about betting on the games and others have been more focused on filling out the bracket. First I’ll say I’ve learned a lot especially about injuries and stuff like that. Second, there are a few upsets that almost everyone is picking, which makes me want to go the other way to be honest. Furman over UVA is one of those. The only two picked more often are Drake over Miami and VCU over St Mary’s. The VCU pick might be unanimous.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that a lot of these guys obviously know a lot about college basketball, but they don’t know as much as they seem to based on their comments about UVA. I get the impression they want to pick against UVA then back into their reasoning. A common theme is they overhype the BVP injury. One guy called him our 3rd best player. Another one really focused on defensive rating for potential upset teams (VCU, Kent St, Drake) but just completely ignored defense when discussing Furman. The way teams get discussed is really dependent on if they are from a power conference or not. If we were from the Southern Conference, I think these guys would love us. NC State is an 11 seed and slightly ahead of Oral Roberts, VCU, and Drake in Kenpom. Those 3 mid majors are very popular picks while no one is giving NC State a chance.


Good stuff. I think I called this in the game thread something like “the most Shedrick play ever.” It’s basically a Rorschach test for how fans view Shed. Do you focus on how his length and athleticism allowed him to make at least two plays that others on our team (and most teams) can’t really make? Or do you focus on all the awkwardness on the way to getting there? Was it a bad pass??** Or was it a baby giraffe batting it away like a bad piece of Bonchon chicken?

(Timestamp is messed up - go to about 41:25…)

** You know what’s good for poor passes/catches on the pick and roll? Running it a lot over years and years, and Reece and Shed have showed flashes of very good chemistry and we didn’t run that timeline, did we? We ran a different timeline, but there’s still time…


I focus on his length and athleticism in this play as it shows that he has intangibles like being able to have the ability to bat the ball around, out hustle some bigs, grab it and put it in the hoop. The pass was “okay”, but a lesser player may have completely lost it out of bounds.


If anyone wanted ChatGPT’s stance on the Reece-Kihei wars. Idk why but the harshness of the first one just made me burst out laughing. The AI must also not have the Purdue footage/VT 2020.


Last offseason, I had a LONG survey that got cool data on fan sentiment and predictions. I’ll post how we did in a few days. I can tell you now we had one ACC win more than expected and one NCAAT win less than expected.

One issue is we got some wonky results like half of us expecting London Johnson in this year’s rotation. So this offseason I am doing one question on who we expect to be on the team next year now and then a survey in a month or two when we actually know who will be on the team.

Answer the question here.