Monmouth Game Thread - Fri Nov 11 - 9pm

Game notes: Rathbun / Brian Oliver on the call

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KenPom has it at 77-52 UVa:

Torvik has it at 73-50 UVa:


Hoping that JPJ is a bit fuller than it was Monday night. These late games are killer.


Depending on how long Tony plays the scholarship guys we could win this one by 30. Much better matchup (lol) stylistically for us even if a similar level team

I really want Traudt to get some minutes


If Traudt doesn’t play I’ll be extremely disappointed. Think it’s a bad move in the short term and long term. Would make no sense.


Yes, He has a big future ahead of him. I still think he finds his place in the rotation sometime this season but he has to get some minutes to get that feel. Also hoping Mick looks more comfortable tomorrow night


I think Kadin will have a big game

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Northern Iowa plays at Richmond tomorrow. Do they just stay the weekend? Take in some sights haha


Yeah especially since Caffaro is out, Traudt not playing would be an especially bad indication for our ceiling


I love CTB, but that would be the most Tony Bennett thing ever.

Monmouth view of what they need to win… their starting point guard fouled out in 21 minutes of play… which meant their walk-on point guard played the rest of the game (wonder if their starter is related to Ben Simmons?).


“1. Shoot Better”

They’ll be 8-10 from 3 to start without a doubt



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Let’s assume the KenPom line of 25. Do the Hoos cover?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m going with yes. I don’t think the Hall is very good this year, plus maybe still banged up (?), and they handled them by 27, and it looks like the game was in hand and they played a big bench.

Inspired by Coach Mox, Bennett’s going for 100+ tonight.


Heard a little more about Fish. Sounds like his ankle was bothering him Monday. Not sure if that was the only reason he didn’t play, but would explain a bit more.


That’s too bad. Heard anything about Traudt?


the time and the forecast don’t have me particularly optimistic there

Out of curiosity I went back and looked at the early season PT of the 2016 class to watch for parallels to this year’s class. That 2016-17 team was very deep with 7 returning players plus Austin Nichols, whose only UVA game was Game 2. We all know Hunter redshirted (a Bond parallel I suppose). I’m looking at Diakite too as a frosh in that group. We won our first 7 games - the first 5 games were blowouts, whereas Games 6/7 were fairly tight. Here are minutes for Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, and Mamadi Diakite. Last number is the number of UVA players that had at least 10 MP in that game:

Game 1 vs UNCG (76-51): Guy 19 MP; Jerome 9; Diakite DNP. 8 with 10 MP.
Game 2 vs St Frn (72-32): Guy 21; Jerome 10; Diakite 14. 11
Game 3 vs Yale (62-38): Guy 16; Jerome 5; Diakite 18. 9
Game 4 vs Gramb (90-34): Guy 13; Jerome 23; Diakite 16. 13
Game 5 vs Iowa (74-41): Guy 20; Jerome 11; Diakite 16. 10
Game 6 vs Provid (63-52): Guy 14; Jerome 6; Diakite 17. 8
Game 7 vs Ohio St (63-61): Guy 11; Jerome 4; Diakite 7. 8

Bennett was clearly willing to play a lot of guys in the blowouts, but tightened the rotation in the 2 close games. He was clearly trying combinations (at least in the blowouts) but willing to play freshmen along with the more established returners. I personally think that Bennett has gotten more locked in over time with guys he trusts (even if we fans don’t understand it) and less inclined to give out development minutes. We’ll see as this year progresses. I’m hoping for some blowouts, so we can get our new talent off the bench.


Is it the same ankle he rolled badly in the scrimmage? He was able to walk on his own and came back to the bench. But he was in AGONY when he rolled it. I think others have said Traudt played in the scrimmages.