Most-Impactful Men’s Basketball Player ‘20-‘21

I agree with EVERYTHING GOHOOS Is saying. Now thats keeping it real. LOL

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I’m still confident in Statts. I believe last year he was sick and concussed throughout points of the season. I think he knows what more will be expected this season plus he will be an upperclassman so hopefully less intimidated against the rest of the ACC. This summer he needed to work at finishing while driving to the basket and his three point shot. Hopefully he spent time in the gym getting those shots up!


If I had to predict a career arc for Stattmann, I’d probably guess something like Evan Nolte. Ups and downs in minutes played, struggles shooting despite coming in with reps as shooters, but hopefully being there for the team when called upon and having some great individual moments.

Evan Nolte Career Stats

Kody Stattmann Career Stats


Stats I’ll give you but Stattman can handle, defend, and drive better than Nolte. OIf he regains his shooting confidence, he could still be pretty effective.


If we are honest Kody and Casey both have huge leaps they need to make offensively. They had the two worst guard performances of the Bennett era. There is plenty of room for either one of them to steal minutes from the other or for the newcomers to steal both of their minutes. They both need to get up to ‘mediocre’ offensively to continue to play significant roles. I have higher hopes for Casey because of his prep pedigree but if neither improves they will be replaced by some combination of Carson, Jabri, Reece at the 2, and Hauser at the 3.

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I continue to be amazed by people who express so many doubts about a player whose FR season was below average offensively/above average defensively when there were no concerns with players like Ty and Kyle who played well offensively/poorly defensively their first year. I don’t remember people saying they were going to be passed by if they don’t improve on the defensive end. TB might even say that he would prefer the better defensive player figuring the offense would come around based on his high school performance. Anything is possible in life but I have few concerns that Casey will be a solid two way player this year and better than that in future years. Remember that Devon didn’t really play until his third year in the program and left an all ACC player. Casey was just a true FR given more responsibility than planned with Ty and Kyle leaving early.


All 4 will have the opportunity to have a big season, and Casey is obviously the most selected option above. I actually think we need McKoy to step up the most though because we need an athletic 3/4 to fill some of the Braxton / Mamadi assignments. Hauser will play a ton and take many of those minutes, but we need another. And all the other options are either all wing (like Jabri and Stattman) or all big (like Papi and Kadin). If McKoy plays 15-20 mins of highly productive ball each game that will be a huge boost to the team.


Love that assessment. I’ve been harping for a while that we need someone to fill Key’s role as the grunt/dirty work guy. It would be a great role for McKoy to step into. A bit of energy and 10-15 solid mins a game would go a long way, esp with how the overall team is shaping up. Totally agree.


Competition is good. Stattman showed me last season that he can play solid D but he’s not a guy who realy fits either of our operations on offense. McKoy is a mystery at this point - so we’ll see Those two guys in particular have to really show some serious game because the new guys are vastly more talented but new and young.

Tony is just not going deeper than 8, maybe 9.

Casey is a baller, Yes, he had a rough year on offense but he can definitely play our D. I’ve watched him for years, and I know that he will step it up on offense. He won’t be a dominant scorer, but he doesn’t have to be.






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Yeah, that’s quite the oversight.


Oh my, my bad!

Huff (!)
Moresell/Woldo (I think Moresell emerges)


There’s your 8

Then Stattman
Then McKoy

Hold on McCorkle (severely underrate by ys)

Tony cuts it off on 9, then 8

Don’t forget Beekman :slight_smile: We are loaded this year.


And I believe Mckoy makes the rotation instead of Shedrick but it would be big if Shedrick made it. I’m pretty high on him but he probably needs 1 more year


Unless we’re playing UNC’s jumbo sized team, I’d be shocked if Caffaro is starting. Huff is going to get the majority of minutes at the 5.

I assume Caffaro should get most of the remaining minutes at center, but Shedrick could also work into that rotation if Tony wants to go mobile. The last combination we could see is McKoy at the 5, like how we used Braxton against Texas Tech.

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Kihei Casey Woldo Hauser Huff. Midway who knows? Salt went from starter to barely playing in our March run. No one is set in stone once the ball rolls out. But I think Hauser is definitely safe as a starter. Huff maybe or maybe Caffaro is the Salt to Huff’s Tobey coming off the bench if it works later this year (Caffaro and Salt are nothing alike skill set wise though)

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