Need some help

Making something like this for the LRA instagram. I saw one a few years ago but I thought some answers and options would be different after the natty. Doing one for all time uva bball players. Who do you think should be on each tier? I have a few ideas but I wanna hear what you guys think

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I’m only a recent fan of the Hoos (started school in 2014) so I can’t help a ton on older guys but thinking about younger guys

Brogdon has to be five

Guy, Jerome and Hunter should be in the 4-5 range depending how the older guys shake out

JA should be 3-4 as should LP

Hall, Gill and Mamadi should be 2-3

Everyone else to me would fall in the 1-2 range, though I am sure I am forgetting about a few guys

And Ralph Sampson is clearly a five


I agree. Doug should also be a five.


Agreed @norfolk_hoo I mainly want some with which of the older guys to put besides the few obvious ones. Filling out the lower numbers will be hard too

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It would be cool to add coaches too

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CTB is an obvious 5

And Holland is pretty easily a four


I’d maybe ramp up the budget to around 17 too. Nice idea

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I think 18 probably makes most sense with each position having three dollars on average

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Depends on how far back you want to go. Singeltary and Stith are 5’s. Maybe Lamp as a 5 and Wally Walker as a 4. Parkhill and Marc Iavaroni would be a couple of good ones too. May be too far back for some.


I recognize all those names except for lavaroni. Good stuff here. I think I have 4 and 5 worked out. 1,2 and 3 are gonna be hard to figure out

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Hahahha. Always appreciate the shout out


Maybe you look at it in decades or even 20 year periods and then break it down from there. I will come with guys from my time that are on this list all day


Chase Metheny for the win my all time favorite hoo when i was a kid

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J.R Reynolds gotta be on there imo


Maybe Jeff Lamp should be on the list somewhere


Steve Castellan, especially if Clemson is the fantasy foe

There is a good sports group on FB, ACC Sports Talk, that I’ve been a member of for a while. Someone ran one of these a while back and for the most part, the dollar amounts/player made sense (though didn’t agree with all of them). While the group does allow and encourage discussion of all ACC teams, the particular one I’m thinking of was only UVA players. I’ll see if I can find it.

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Ok here was one of them


Ralph Sampson
Bryant Stith
Malcolm Brogdon
Buzzy Wilkinson
Jeff Lamp

Sean Singletary
Wally Walker
Curtis Staples
Barry Parkhill
Mike Scott

Junior Burrough
Joe Harris
Cory Alexander
Kyle Guy
John Crotty

London Perrantes
Chris Williams
JR Reynolds
Travis Watson
Roger Mason Jr

Harold Deane
Lee Raker
Elton Brown
Ty Jerome
Richard Morgan

At the end of this (redacted) has agreed to calculate the results and pick the most popular combinations to declare winners.

*I realize a few UVA greats have been left out but UVA basketball is finally deep enough to have that debate.

**College Career Only

And the other one I was thinking of was from STL:

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No DeAndre Hunter? That seems like a miss. But OK, I’ll take Hunter for $0, Jerome for $1, Guy for $3. I’ve now spent $4 and I have the three guys who just won a Natty.

So give me Ralph Sampson (15 points/game) and Buzzy Wilkinson (30 points/game). Now I’ve spent $14. Pretty sure I’m unbeatable.