New summer recruiting thread

Over 1K replies on the other thread. Well done…but gotta start a new one.


Do you know if Bennett plans to see Buchanan during the live periods? If he doesn’t, is that any kind of sign he may be ready to move on with the time he’s already invested?

Watching Power several times reminds me of what happened with Traudt during last summer’s opening live period. Hope the same result happens.


Revelvant blurbs

TJ Power , Worcester Academy – Power showed the same progression of his shooting ability that has helped him climb recruiting boards all spring. He’s always been a good ball-handler for his size, willing passer, virtually ambidextrous, and a mobile and fluid athlete, but now he’s also emerging into a true floor-spacer who shoots a clean ball with pretty rotation.

For South Kent, Elmarko Jackson was impressive in his debut. The maturation in his game has been a consistent theme this spring and was again on display here, specifically as a passer out of the pick-and-roll, as he stayed under control and made consistently solid reads while also mixing in some pull-ups and a few of his trademark downhill attacks.

Solomon Ball ’s length and motor were noticeable from the jump, but he got more comfortable with his new teammates as the day went on, and began to assert himself in the process. He’s another player who can impact the game on both ends of the floor and is also a versatile scoring threat given the physical gains he’s made within the last year as he can now attack the rim as well as he can provide a shooting threat from behind the arc.


Is Jackson a PG or more of a combo? I would think Bennett has seen him as well while watching Power.

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That’s a great question LOL. Who knows anymore.

HGN says not initially but it seems like something he’s been working on more and other schools (Like Maryland and Syracuse) are recruiting him as a pg. He does show some high level passes absent from Chatman or Dilione’s videos but that doesn’t mean much cause they aren’t really pgs either LOL.


Did Kentucky show up for any of Kaiser’s games? I haven’t seen it mentioned

Also if Milan was to pick us would Power back off? I know that we would take both of them but im wondering how Power would react to it?

Getting Milan would probably be it for Power.

I mean, sure, we’d take both. If Heidi Klum finally goes out on a date with me, I’d be open to dating Claudia Schaffer, too, but I don’t think she’d be willing to share me.

Edit - Of course, UVA has a real chance here while for me, it’d all end when my wife woke me up.


I would leave my wife in a heartbeat for UVA


In July for sure. Different animal then. Only need to slide over a couple courts, not make a special trip to Arizona.

No but they have next week, then top 100 camp the week after, then July if it’s not over. That’s the beauty of being Kentucky, one phone call can pause everything.


Thanks. Just one more question from me. Do you think it is likely new offers could come out after the weekend or is it more likely after next weekend/into July?

That is power. They keep watching him from afar and if they decide they really want him its over. Must be nice. Im here every summer sweating out every recruit knowing that a phone call from Duke or Kentucky and its over


I don’t know. TB’s been up in New England doing his thing for two days. He saw every one of the top guys there play three times, not just Power.


Has Fresh offered Gertrude yet?


Remind me - who are our PG prospects besides Rechsteiner? Interesting that they none of guys that we’re actually bulldogging right now are what seems to be our biggest need position.

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Dilione, Chatman, Green, Gertrude, Jackson, Demary, whoever else they discover this weekend to follow up on. (a lot of these are iffy on true 1s/something they need to develop into and also they can be the 2nd guard spot).

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Saw on the Indiana board Mike Brey was there for Power today. He was overheard saying “Which one of these kids am I here for again?” while sipping the blood marry in his hands and peering over his sunglasses at the event’s program.


Feels like the HS live period is worse for highlight films.