NIL Endorsements

I don’t mean to limit this topic to any particular sport, but the advantage that big brand schools have to offer recruits for potential NIL deals is beginning to come into focus more. Alabama sophomore quarterback Bryce Young, who hasn’t started a game yet for the Tide, is approaching $1 million in endorsements already.

“And it’s like, the guy hasn’t even played yet,” Saban said, according to The Athletic. “But that’s because of our brand.”


UNC has a new licensing program to allow players to combine their names and university logos on merchandise.

Per UNC press release: “For decades, products that combine team logos and player names and numbers have accounted for a large portion of licensed sports merchandise sales at the professional level. This innovative project opens the door for the same opportunities for current student-athletes at the collegiate level. Through this new approach, Carolina fans can own merchandise and other products featuring their school’s logo and the names and numbers of their favorite Tar Heels.”

I think the University of Michigan is doing the same thing as UNC. Seems like an obvious first move to help players at a school.


The UNC move seems like a no brainer. Basically every school already sells jerseys of their top players may as well let those players make some coin off it and build on what they’re already doing.


You’re probably very familiar with M Den.

They’re selling customized Michigan football jerseys with actual player numbers and names now.


A few episodes ago Titus and Tate talked about this and how the jerseys and merch with players’ names is a great opportunity not just to help guys earn money off their likeness for decades after they are out of school, but also a way to reconnect some alumni players with the schools. Rolling out more throwback jerseys with famous players names on them and having players come do signings and stuff may become more of a thing. Will be interesting.


Here’s a question, do we know what the lengths on these NIL deals are? Wondering what happens when an incoming freshman signs a deal with company X and then goes to the NBA after 1 season and his stock his jumped big time and now BIG COMPANY Y wants to sign him but he has to pass because he locked into company X and can’t get out of the contract. Is this scenario possible? Could it affect the way players make their decisions?

Hopefully these are 1 year or 1 off deals to start and people are not signing away future marketing rights like the agent in the Zion case alleged.

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That’s what I’m hoping. But football players do offer a unique opportunity since they are locked into college ball for 3 years. In Bama’s QB’s case he’s locked in for likely 2 seasons at their QB could be smart to lock him up early.

OSU ought to start selling Titus jerseys with 1,000,000,000,000 as the number.

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With these Jersey deals, how does the school determine what the players % cut is? Do they have to negotiate with every current and former player or is it the same for everyone. If the cut is too low, couldn’t they be exposed to lawsuits?

And selling the jerseys of current players could become a contentious situation as it naturally won’t be even.

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Tangentially related, but Papi gets a mention in this article for a funny video about how he’s too tall for the shower in the Olympic village: Olympics TikTok is one of the best parts of the Tokyo Games - Vox

Perhaps he can parlay the video catching on into a little NIL benefit?