Non-UVA basketball discussion (misc/old games/etc)

Interesting to look at


Shout out to Aja Wilson paying respect to her college coach and mentor a UVa legend Dawn Staley


I would easily cop a Dawn Staley UVA jersey




Bruce Pearl is walking reminder of how happy I am that Tony Bennett is UVA’s coach.

What a camera seeking moron.


Few suspended one game

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I’m ok with that

I just hope it would be the same for a player. Would really rub me the wrong way if in the next few years a Gonzaga player gets a DUI and gets a longer suspension.


Looking at some of the top 25 projections this year and man is it hard to find the differences between teams. Almost no one has a veteran backcourt that has played in their current system. I guess Villanova does but how dangerous can a team be if Gillespie is the best player?


Because of parity… and the constant unknown of new players and how they gel… who knows who will emerge out of the field. UVa could be top 10 because everything gels quick… or they could have the worst season of the CTB area if they don’t. It’s why college basketball is so much fun to watch I think.

Is it parity if everyone sucks? Lol

And to clarify I was thinking about it from a futures perspective today rather than a where does UVA fit into the mold perspective. The last few years there have been a few teams it was clear were worth investing in. Not so sure this year.

This is why I like UCLA and don’t think they’re a flash in the pan. Upperclass backcourt. Experienced in the system. Potential NBA player. Plus good talent elsewhere. Not the best talent, but it might be the best mix of talent and experience in the system.

Agree on Gillespie.

Also – Purdue is worth a look here, too. Ivey is not upperclass, but he has a year under his belt, and is a potential top 10 pick (Titus said Conley Jr was super impressed after working out with him). Plus steady upperclass talent in Stefanovic and Hunter Jr.


Wouldn’t mind UCLA if they weren’t being valued as they second best team.

If it’s parity… can you classify that everyone sucks or everyone is great? :wink:

Yep… I hear ya… and I agree on the futures investment argument. No one really jumps out at you… I mean I think Gonzaga would be much better off in a better league, because no matter how good they are, the WCC softens them up come tournament time as opposed to help them become better. They could play the hardest OOC schedule in the country, but then they play in the WCC until March. They have to jump to a better conference. Welp… rambling paragraph over.


Are you looking at futures? What’s the list/odds?

Not that this team is probably going to do great, but doesn’t Notre Dame bring back pretty much everyone this year? Feel like they are very old. That should have helped them last year too and didn’t, but wonder if they at least beat some projections this year.

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That has a nice summary. They were +1200 on Caesar’s this morning when I looked.

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Hasn’t Gonzaga done better in the tournament than us overall, with the exception of our title? Would have to look at it again, but think that’s the case. Making title games in this sport is an amazing achievement even if you don’t win it all.


From that list, I like the value on Duke, Purdue, Memphis, and Illinois. I don’t see it for Michigan, tbh. You can’t swap out most of the 1-3 minutes, with only one guy who is a probable NBA player (is Eli Brooks an NBA guy? I don’t think so…) and expect to be the second best team in the country, IMO.

I think so. Natty trumps all, but in the last 5 tourneys, they have two finals, one elite 8, and two sweet 16s. We have the natty, an elite 8, and three first weekend exits (including two first round losses).