Notre Dame Preview/Live Thread (Pt.2)

That’s right. I remember that now. Thanks for the reminder!

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Just want to point out that as a result of last night, Casey now has a better season 3-point percentage (35.3%) than Hauser (33.3%). Obviously that’s very much a result of small sample size on Casey’s part and Hauser being in a bit of a slump he should come out of, but it is kind of hilarious. If somebody had offered you a bet that Casey would have a higher percentage than Hauser ten games in, I bet nearly everyone would have jumped on it.


Love seeing a more confident Casey. Hoping that a better jump shot opens up more of his game. I’d like to see him drive to the hoop more. Kinda surprised we haven’t seen more of that from him, wonder if it’s an issue with spacing, lack of confidence, or that just not being part of his game as much as I thought.

That ASU game gave us a glimpse of this but he hasn’t done much of it since. As good of a free throw shooter as he is Id love to see him draw more contact. Anyone have an idea why he’s settled into almost strictly a jump shooter?


Sam’s MO so far this year has become clear, he’s a volume shooter, needs lots of shots and touches to get into a flow. It’s a fine line for us with our pace, but that 3pt % is gonna tic up at some pt. Sam’s last 4 games 6-13, 7-17, 7-13, 5-13. Huff for comparison 7-13, 7-11, 4-7, 7-9 and Murphy 4-6, 3-9, 4-8, 2-5.

I’d like to see a few of Sam’s shots go to the other guys, but as said I do think he’s % will continue to rise with his confidence in the triangle. Think it grows every game, several shots and moves yesterday we hadn’t seen before


It first glance my guess is thats the way he is scouted by other teams where defenders not told to body up to him on the perimeter so tendency is Casey has more space than say Sam when he catches and faces


I think this is right. Aside from the Towson game, he hasn’t yet had a “lights out” shooting game- but also hasn’t had a terrible shooting game aside from Gonzaga.

It at least appears we are getting him the ball in the mid/low post more in recent games, which is obviously a major strength of his. Still waiting for the 3pt % to correct a bit.

More generally, the offense and individuals getting shots really seems to be aligning more with what we need to reach our ceiling. Based on Murphy’s shooting clip, definitely agree we could find a few more shots for him.

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Casey did a good job getting into the lane the first Notre Dame game. Had two good looks in the half court and one in transition and just missed them.


I think Sam is a volume scorer in that he scores more with more volume… but I think more than anything he’s just been extremely effective from 2 point range. I’ve talked about how Murphy is the only guy (like Ty and Kyle in 19) who I KNOW is gonna hit an open shot. Sam has become the same way from midrange, in my opinion. Awesome development!

If Sam can figure it out from 3… he could 15+, not to mention the sure-fire double double machine he’s been lately. TB teams age like a fine wine, the future is bright #gohoos


I think there’s definitely enough history to show he’s a good shooter and will more likely than not figure it out. 3 seasons at Marquette and over 40% in each. As coach says, offense will come and go… for him I’d prefer it be going at this particular point of the season. If he reverts to average he’ll really be lighting it up next month.


Guys, whether or not Sam is a good shooter really isn’t up for debate. He’s in a slump, for sure. You can look at the history and all that. But if there were a stat for % of shots that touch rim, he’d be the all time leader. He’ll figure it out.

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I’m surprised Hauser’s effectiveness as a shooter is a topic of debate. He’s been a terrific shooter for his whole career. Every shooter goes through some down periods. Kyle Guy went on a 5-31 (16%) stretch in the 2019 ACCT and NCAAT. Everyone was concerned if he’d snap out of it but everyone still considered him a great shooter. Most importantly, Hauser and Guy both command respect of the defense so as to allow spacing of the floor. Also they both impact the game in other ways. Hauler is averaging 10 rebounds per game in ACC play and shooting 58% inside the arc in that stretch. His defense is not good but is improving. He is a critical piece on the floor for us and the team continues to get better as a unit. If anything, I’m encouraged that the team is playing better while Hauser is in a 3-pt shooting lull.


Thoroughly agree that Hauser is getting defended based on his broader reputation, as opposed to the small sample size of this season. I wish he would leverage it a little more and look to pump-fake and drive. I know he’s not super-quick, but he’s strong and could probably bully his way into a couple more points and free throw attempts each game.


A pump fake and step in for a 12-15 footer would work, but he’s not quick enough to get to the rim from that far out before help defense arrives IMO. I’m fine with his array of post moves. He gets good looks nearly all the time.

A little closer look showed he is 43.5% from 3-pt in the first 5 games and 25% in the last 5. So his low stretch has been fairly brief so far.

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