🍕 OT: Charlottesville Food Scene

Bulpan - Korean BBQ - opens August 1! April who brought us Doma - has another remarkable place.
We were privileged to be “treated” to a soft opening earlier this week.
Located in the Stonefield shopping center.


Nice. I’ve been waiting for the Korean bbq place across the street to finish its soft open but I’ve heard good things.

Haven’t been inside either yet but this one seems nicer.


My nephew, who is a rising third year, will be working there…looking forward to make him earn his tip when I visit :sweat_smile:


I will have to check that out next time I’m in town. Love Korean food all around.

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How good is Korean bbq? That sounds interesting

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They treated us to 10 courses (I brought a lot home!) / each one was delicious. Steak, pork, and chicken.

Plus the sides were really good too


Interesting; I’ve never had Korean bbq, but I love meat, and that looks delicious. Bonus is that I live right down the street from Stonefield. Thanks for posting about it!


Good Korean bbq is up there with any cuisine in the world imo


Ok, OT from Korean bbq, but figured it was worth a shot.

And before I ask, I know it’ll trigger some east coasters for calling it “pizza” and not a casserole. I’m in RVA…is there anywhere within an hour radius (north, south, east or west) to get an actual Chicago style deep dish pizza? Not pan pizza, but the kind that’s a couple of inches thick, cheese and toppings under the layer of sauce on top. I’ve been looking and haven’t found a place.

None that I am aware of…may have to resort to using Goldbelly

Yeah, I have before for Lou M’s & Gino’s. Good, but just not quite the same as fresh.

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Is Pico Wrap as good as Zazu’s used to be? I loved Zazu’s.


I like threads like this because it helps me figure out who my fellow Cvillians are @zblakey @ElliottHoo @wahoobelinda :slight_smile:


Yes. Pretty much the same as far as I can recall. They’ll even do my technically off-menu favorite of chicken Caesar salad as a wrap, but using the spicy chicken. And they still include the croutons in the wrap.

Also still the place I’m most likely to run into a UVA coach of some sport.


Last night / Now & Zen. Never disappoints.


Ingredients always fresh, good portions, great service, reasonable prices. Zazu’s was elite but somehow Pico Wrap made it better


Tonight’s location - Smyrna on West Main - great food and spot on cocktails!


Excellent food there. We tried it shortly after they opened and the service was shaky but the food was excellent. Came back in maybe early April with friends and it was excellent.

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Posts always make me hungry. I’m sure you’ve been, but I think the “fancy” place I miss the most in cville is Fleurie

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Yes very good. Sister restaurant Petit Pois also good at a more affordable price point.
Newer French place - Cafe Frank is another great option on the mall.