Outside the ACC thread 11/23

Yea, it’s hard to tell. I remember last year about this time and I thought we were the best team in the country. Turns out we wasn’t



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How has Purdue managed to keep Caleb Furst around? I mean credit him for loyalty and he’s a cog on a terrific team. But like 95% of guys would be gone by now.


Painter has flipped the script on Furst and Trey Kaufman.

Furst was starting last year and Kaufman was buried on the bench after a redshirt year behind Furst who got the rotation minutes.

Now Kaufman is playing and Furst is sitting.

One of them should have transferred last year (Kaufman) and the other should transfer now (Furst). Both can’t co-exist on an Edey-dominant team.


One of them will be starting for Notre Dame next year. That’s my prediction. Stay in state, previous relationship with Getter.


Not playing for a team that previously recruited him that will need a four?

I suspect if Dunn leaves, UVA would do a little better than those guys.


Part of me is hesitant because we had a gaping front court hole and ended up with Minor (who is still tbd. I know I say its a whiff but wonder if adjusting helps him at all). But I could see it: Tony can pitch “I have had 3 wing forward go top 20-25 in the draft in the last 5 seasons. Come join in the fun”.


Kinda wild that both Freddie Dilione and Cameron Carr are nowhere near being in the rotation for Tennessee. Dilione is out with a foot injury but even before that he was barely playing. Hell he barely played in their scrimmage vs Michigan St and that was with their starting 1 and 2 both out.

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Agree. I have very little faith in mining talent in the transfer portal in the NIL era. It seems like the quality we’ve gotten from transfers has fallen off a cliff since NIL came into play (I’d say the oppositive about high school recruiting).

Retention is so much more important now to the team’s success.

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Honestly just depends. I think we land Murphy with NIL around. Don’t think we snag Hauser


I find your optimism charming, but severely misplaced.

Yeah Hauser was a known commodity. Murphy was still seen as a project (at the time)


Maybe NIL hinders us, but our track record of developing wings into NBA prospects is pretty damn good at this point especially if Dunn ends up as a 1st round pick. Would have to imagine that’ll be appealing to some high quality transfer portal player looking for a good chunk of immediate PT.

Oh my comment was more about Furst and Kaufman. Furst is a center, not what UVA would be looking for. And Kaufman would be seen as a flier in the portal, not someone anybody would bring in for a clear starting job. He was recruited as a skilled forward but hasn’t popped in 3 years. Doesn’t stretch the floor, doesn’t protect the rim. He’s the kind of frontcourt player I would avoid.


We need a fletcher loyer. Strong handle, dynamic, good 3pt shooter, quick fluid movement.

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It’s so wrong that a top 4 matchup is tipping off at 10:58 pm eastern.

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JMU is going to be an interesting test for poll voters. If the Dukes don’t trip up against cupcakes the next few weeks, will voters have the balls to remove an undefeated JMU from the Top 25 anyway… or at least not keep increasing their rank? I’m guessing they won’t, despite the fact that computer rankings don’t put JMU anywhere near the Top 25 (Kenpom 89, Torvik 79). Many voters, by self-imposed “rule,” will never lower a team unless that team loses, so JMU could end up steadily climbing upward with wins over Buffalo, Keystone, etc.


Ok so 2 guys we wanted real bad out of high school are no longer good enough for us or match our needs. But remind me of all the times we landed better dudes in the portal.

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