🏈 Outside UVa Football Offseason 2024

Soooo… how 'bout them Cardinal and Cal fans? Just a bunch of polo shirt wearing wine drinkers… amiright?


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New Mexico feels like the exact place Bronco should land. Out of the way, full of quirky people 0 expectations. Can bubble up every 4-6 years and be solid.
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Don’t forget the meth


Now there’s a NIL deal I think everyone can get behind, New Mexico Board of Tourism promos, “Don’t forget the meth!”


Not suggesting there is any truth to this, and I wonder if this is one of those guys that just puts BS videos out, I don’t know anything about him:


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That hire would make sense for JMU, fits the theme of their two prior coaches as a guy from a small school that had no business winning as much as he did. Good defensive coach too, but I’m interested to see how his recruiting translates in VA.

I also think Diaz is a pretty good hire for Dook, honestly he fits a lot of the same criteria as Elko did but with more experience as a HC. The Miami stint didn’t go great but mainly because their standards are impossibly high given where they are as a program, Diaz is a top level recruiter who knows how to build a quality defense.


Hey… Holy Cross has an NCAA basketball national championship… better pedigree than VPISU!


Agree. Looks like the JMU one is locked in. Chesney was not the name I had in mind for the job but the guy I had in mind is not going to get the job it sounds like from him. It was going to be tough to get him out of his current situation but I know he was willing to make it work if the offer was made. Chesney has moved up the coaching ranks very quickly after being linked to the Syracuse job just a few weeks ago.

Diaz is a very good pick up for Duke. I thought he got railroaded a little bit at Miami. Like you said there’s crazy high expectations there, and when Ruiz started throwing money around it was very clear Miami wanted a big name to guide them back to the top. There were also some cultural issues with Diaz and Miami. He’ll get tested early at Duke, it looks like Elko may be taking a few with him and a few others are hitting the portal. If Diaz can slow the exit it’ll be a big head start.


Just out of curiousity, was the guy you had in mind Dex? I saw his name getting thrown around on JMU’s board but didn’t know if he was a legitimate candidate.

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No it wasn’t I had not heard Dex name tossed out. Guy I had in mind has been around a bit and similar to Chesney looking to punch through for his first d1a job. Has been close on a few now and also knows the mid altantic very well

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion about Bronco here. Do we just not care about him anymore?

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Why should we? Mama always said don’t waste breath on a girl who dumped ya.


Basically @StLouHoo put it best.

As I said previously New Mexico feels like a good landing spot for him.

Also hard to talk much about a program that had 0 prestige. I’m a hardcore gambler and can’t say I’ve seen the Lobos play since Urlacher

You haven’t read our threads on Kadin and Traudt then, have you?


Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied
That leaves only LRA to blame 'cause mama tried


His analysis of who probably ends up where seems pretty logical. But we get so many rumors of the ACC falling apart. Swaim seems to do it every two weeks.

I mean I’m sure there is smoke coming from Tallahassee, how could there not be. They just got punished for being in the conference (when the conference actually had an up year). So I’m sure they are negotiating but it doesn’t really seem like there is a legitimate, fiscally responsible, decision to leave with the GOR. Still if it happens fine, we get closer to the end game sooner.

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