Planning the Spring Patch Job (blog)

The other transfer thread is crazy long. So maybe start migrating over here.


Heading North for the summer. Makes sense.

Edit - More seriously, this kinda is what the future is going to look like in CBB. This is the first year of it and we just had Covid, so it’s on steroids right now. But an increase in transfers is just going to be life. Right now, its freaking everyone out because the losses happen before the gains.

But in a year or two the volume will stabilize a little and we’ll have gotten a chance to get used its ebbs and flows. It’ll be fine.


The Kessler-Powell package deal possibility is intriguing.


Take 1401919 at a Transfer thread? @HoozGotNext


More than intriguing. It would be a grand slam.

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Won’t be the last I’m sure haha


Honestly, this is fun. I believe that part of the reason we all live on LRA is recruiting, together with knowledgeable posters, who have analysis, not emotional vomiting, about situations.

I’ve been a lawyer for 40 years [insert favorite lawyer joke here] - had a whole bunch of people walk into my office over the years to tell me they are leaving for a wide variety of reasons, some who could read the writing on the wall, some who didn’t fit, some who had great opportunities. My first words are always “Great - I’m happy for you” and I genuinely am. In this instance, I am genuinely happy for all of the young men who are lucky enough to get to play basketball at UVa and if another school or opportunity is what they think is better for them, then they are double blessed to have that opportunity and to have spent time at UVa.

That being said, with these departures (and even with Murphy’s potential departure), I am genuinely happy for UVa and me, selfishly as a fan, as I get to enjoy being even more of a recruiting geek (I was having trouble with 2022 being so far off) and look forward to another season of basketball with Tony Bennett as our coach - whoever starts and whoever is on the bench. I like the product, I like the kids, and I have loved the results.


Hey HGN, I mentioned this in the other thread but I think it got buried in the McKoy news. I know that you mention Klintman as the main prospect who is like Jabri, and I know that their skill sets aren’t one-for-one, but do you think that his departure is gonna make the staff re-evaluate their push with Justin Taylor at all, or was he solely being recruited for what will be McKneely’s role?

Probably not. When you look at sort of that next generation, 21 & 22, Taine and McKneely have that covered. What’s missing is the athletic wing guy. He was being recruited in the same spot as Isaac, yeah. Never say never because things usually don’t go how you draw it up but I don’t think Taylor would be in the plans right now.


Got it, all makes sense. Thank you!

Awesome post!

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I respectfully disagree regarding Taylor. I don’t think he’s ready to decide but he was one of the first offers. CTB is currently deliberate with his offers. It may not work out but I would be surprised if he doesn’t have a commit-table offer based on how CTB issues offers. I also think McKneely, Murray, and Taylor could play together. However, it will depend on who we get via transfer.


Would love to land Armaan Franklin. He’s high on my list.


Are they able to take Franklin and Powell this year?

We should be able to if they wanted to and felt they could play together.

The issue is what I talked in relation to 2022. Would they take both those guys? I suspect so. But you then have to manage the players you could take up front. 3 multi-year transfers. All hypothetical anyway because realistically once you got one of those guys, the other probably would look elsewhere.

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Good to see you monitoring things Simbaud!


I’m just looking for the pony. There has to be a pony in here somewhere . . . .

Is there any concern we could lose Beekman? I’m just thinking about his relationship to the players that left and knowing he had a tough go when he arrives with his brother, etc.

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