Player's home states and countries from 1980 on

I thought so too. So, I went down that rabbit hole. At least as far back as 1980. This is the home state/country of every UVA basketball player from 1980 that had a roster spot. From stars to walk-ons, to team managers. Even the one hit wonder from Tennessee. I went with home towns rather than high schools when I could. If a kid from Alabama goes to Oak Hill, you’re pulling him away from friends and family in Alabama, not a school in east bum f*** Va. I got most of them from the Virginia Sports website, so any errors are theirs, not mine. The only one I really question is Jeff Lamp. He’s a little before my time. I know he’s “from” Kentucky but he’s listed as born in Minnesota…so I listed him as Minnesota. Besides, if we’re trying to mark our territory in as many states as we can, he’s our only post 1980 Minnesota rep. I guess I just could have listed state totals rather than every player, but this way, if I’m wrong (and anyone actually reads all of this) maybe we can mark another state off the list. Feel free to add any pre 1980 players that you know.

This may be of interest to no one, and that’s fine. It was interesting to me. There was a Yellowstone marathon on, and I had nothing to do but try and keep the dogs calm during night #2 of what will be at least a three day fireworks binge.

Feel free to correct any mistakes I made and forgive any misspellings. I’m awful at it. But that’s OK. Einstein had the I before E rule wrong in his name. Twice.

32 states down, 18 to go.

Here Goes…

VA (67) Ralph Sampson, Othell Wilson, Ricky Stokes, Kenton Edelin, Louis Collins, Doug Newburg, Ken Lambiotte, Anthony Solomon, Darrick Simms, Tom Calloway, Tim Martin, Richard Morgan, Mark Cooke, Ron Price, Bryant Stith, Matt Nichols, Terry Kirby, Jon Havey, Cornel Parker, Corey Stewart, Cory Alexander, Yuri Barnes, Jason Williford, Bobby Graves, Maurice Watkins, Rock Mitchell, Harold Deane, Curtis Staples, Percy Ellsworth, Mike Curtis, Martin Walton, Colin Ducharme, Brandon Lloyd, Marcus Martin, Jason Rogers, Elton Brown, Jason Clark, Greg Harrell-Edge, Rob Williams, J.R. Reynolds, Hank Nacey, Mike Forkin, Tryshan Ravenell, Drew Shiembob, Andy Burns, Damin Altizer, Calvin Baker, Mike Scott, Jeff Jones Jr., Jontel Evans, Tristan Spurlock, Doug Browman, Thomas Kody, Thomas Rogers, Rob Vozenilek, Justin Anderson, Maleek Frazier, Devon Hall, B.J. Stith, Nigel Johnson, Austin Katstra, Grant “100%” Kersey, Jayden Nixon, Chase Coleman, Matt Palumbo, Malachi Poindexter, Chris McGahren

NY (22) Jim Runcie, Rick Carlisle, Mel Kennedy, John Johnson, Brent Dabbs, Jamal Robinson, WIllie Dersch, Greg Lyons, Cade Lemke, Jason Dowling, Majestic Mapp, J.C. Mathis, Gary Forbes, Will Harris, Ryan Pettinella, Will Sherrill, Sylvan Landesberg, Tom Jonke, Will Regan, Mike Tobey, Ty Jerome, Ryan Dunn.

NC (16) Anthony Oliver, Junior Burrogh, Chase Matheney, Robert Lodge, Donte Miller, Akil Mitchell, Teven Jones, Caid Kirven, Anthony Gill, Jay Huff, Braxton Key, Kid Transfer, Trey Murphy, Kadin Shedrick, Carson McCorkle, Jayden Gardner

NJ (11) Craig Robinson, Tim Mullen, Dan Merrifield, John Crotty, Derrick Johnson, Chris Alexander, Peter McLaughlin, Donald Hand, Todd Billet, Trevon Gross, Jabri Abdur Rahim

MD (10) Kenny Johnson, Ted Jeffries, Mike Powell, Mark Bogosh, Norman Nolan, Daryl Presley, Maurice Young, Keith Jenifer, Mamadi Diane, Casey Morsell.

GA (8) Blair Ford, Scott Johnson, Chezley Watson, Billy Campbell, Malcolm Brogdon, Evan Nolte, Isaiah Wilkins, Justice Bartley.

TX (7) Tom Sheehey, Lance Blanks, Adam Hall, Travis Watson, David Noel, Angus Mitchell, Marco Anthony.

TN (7) John Dyslin, Some Random LRA poster guy, Shawn Wilson, Derrick Byars, Vince Redd, Darius Thompson, Austin Nichols.

PA (6) Matt Blundin, Jason Cain, Sean Singletary, Matt Deasey, Sammy Zeglinski, Deandre Hunter.

CA (6) Monte Marcaccini, Jermaine Harper, Nick Vander Laan, James Johnson, London Perrantes, Kihei Clark.

WI (5) Rob Metcalf, Paul Jesperson, Sam Hauser, Ben Vander Plas, Leon Bond.

IN (5) Jeff Daniel, Kenny Turner, Jamil Tucker, Kyle Guy, Armaan Franklin.

MA (4) Curtis Williams, Todd Gates, Chris Havlicek, Jarred Reuter.

KY (4) Lee Raker, Jeff Jones, Terry Gates, Taylor Barnette.

OH (3) Lewis Lattimore, Jeff Klein, Bill Batts.

LA (3) Dean Carpenter, Jerome Meyinsse, Reece Beekman.

FL (3) Wingo Smith, Kris Hunter, T.J. Bannister

CT (3) Courtney Alexander, Josh Hare, Bret Gladstone.

IL (3) Raliegh Harbour, Bob McCormick, Mustapha Farrakhan.

WV (2) Jim Miller, Isaac McKneely

DE (2) Bernie Floriani, Devin Smith

AL (2) Chris Williams, K.T. Harrell.

IA (1) Brent Bair

KN (1) Dirk Katstra

MN (1) Jeff Lamp

NH (1) Keith Friel

MO (1) John Brandenburg

WA (1) Joe Harris

RI (1) Billy Baron

NE (1) Isaac Traudt

ID (1) Blake Buchanan

MI (1) Kevin Moore

DC (1) Roger Mason Jr

Australia (2) Craig McAndrew, Kody Stattmann

New Zealand (2) Jack Salt, Taine Murray

Nigeria (2) Solomon Tat, Tunji Soroye

Italy (2) Francisco Badocchi, Tomas Woldetensae

Haiti (1) Olden Polynice

Jamaica (1) Andrew Kennedy

France (1) Stephane Dondon

Trinidad And Tobago (1) Adrian Joseph

Lithuania (1) Laurynas Mikalauskas

Senegal (1) Assane Sene

Canada (1) Marial Shayok

Guinea (1) Mamadi Diakite

Argentina (1) Francisco Caffaro

Croatia (1) Igor Milicic

Couldn’t Find (1) Taylor McGowan

All this is the very long and very unnecessary way of saying, yes. Yes he is. At least since 1980.


wow! respect!


Amazing work. So we need Maine and VT to lock down New England and South Carolina to get the whole eastern seaboard.

Surprised so few FL and DC.


I’m pretty sure Sheehey is from Rochester, NY. He played his HS ball at McQuaid Jesuit.


First off… great job @Serum114, that was a lot of data to sift through. I think the constraints need to be made clearer due to @GMoney’s assertion… another issue being someone like Reece!!..

When you hear him on interviews, even the one on LRA, he claims Wisconsin as his home state… he says Louisiana is only where he went to HS. Would the home state be where you went to HS or where you spent the majority of your life?

Podcast reference:


Good point, @jazznutUVA. Braxton is a good example. During his recruitment, he was listed as a Nashville resident. He played at OHA in Mouth of Wilson, VA, his senior year of high school, and at at UVA home games, his hometown was announced as Charlotte. Where do you put him?

I don’t think this issue applies to Sheehey, though. He and I were classmates, and I don’t ever remember any indication that he spent any significant time in Texas. And he sure talked and acted like a New Yorker.


I think we go with the option that helps us fill up the map.


Option by convenience… you should go into politics. :wink:


I am so glad you went down this rabbit hole before I did, haha. And this is awesome.

Assuming I read this right, here is a map with all the states we’ve got in blue. The remaining states to be conquered are in gray.


The two I’m most surprised at are SC & MI


Totally agree. Weird we’ve never gotten anyone from those places.

My other random thoughts:

  • It’s amazing how few NC players we got before Tony arrived. He’s responsible for the majority of that list. You’d think with them being our neighbor we would have pulled a few more here and there over the decades.
  • Kind of surprised by the limited number of guys from PA. It’s a huge state and fairly close. Although I guess it’s not super weird.
  • Also surprised by the limited number of FL players, as was mentioned above. While it’s far, we’ve pulled more players from the other huge states that are even further away (CA & TX). The difference isn’t huge, but interesting.
  • Only one player from DC proper is very surprising. Would have thought at least one other guy would have ended up here in the last 40+ years.
  • Tony is responsible for adding a nice chunk of new states, so props to him. He’s put WA, RI, NE, and ID on the map.

Michigan is off the board. Only listed as a freshman on the 75/76 team.


Love this kinda stuff. awesome job

I learned in the mid 70s the coach had a great connect into PA with the greats Barry Parkhill and then Gus Gerard Double G somehow escaping their home state for UVa. oh and of course Wally Walker


could add Michael Powell from DC but he transfered after his first year. @SlickAces guy


Played some pick up ball with Gus. Was a childhood idol along with Wally of mine. Gus had a strange shot most of his career, although they changed it up his first couple of years in the Aba.
He actually cupped the ball in his palm and spun it off of his fingers, had wicked backspin


Yeah shebop was a New Yorker
Played on a sick aau team with Kenny Smith and Paul Dalyrmple

No one from SC? I’d lose a bet on that one


He was amazing on pod. Has some real hoop stories Double G

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Those 3 took their UVA official together. The story goes that the other 2 wanted to commit on the visit, but that Sheehey wanted to visit UNC first. By the time he was ready to commit, the others moved on to UNC and GT. Not sure I buy that story, though.

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Is that Paul, the less well-known of the Dalrymple brothers (Henry van “Bruce” being the other)?