Preseason Thread

Don’t think we’d pull out on Maine? Doesn’t seem like something CTB would do.

I don’t know. Could see both sides of the argument for/against playing only Maine. Every game is precious this year, but you’re also risking travel to play only Maine. The first hope had to be finding a replacement for Florida.

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So what’s the reasonable opponent for the risk of traveling to be worth it? Top 50? Top 150? Surely we won’t expose our guys to play two 250+ type of teams.

My opinion on freshman PT: offense is what gets them on the floor, defense is what keeps them there


The number of teams on pause and games being cancelled might seem overwhelming due to the nature of reporting (you don’t report game x is still on. Program y is still practicing) but the positive side is 315ish programs are still practicing if Norlander’s count is accurate.


I don’t understand why the NCAA schedule was ever planned out like this. We’ve had scientific experts telling us for six months that fall and winter were going to be terrible COVID-wise. This wasn’t unforeseen. Yet we still were planning to travel hours away for non-conference match-ups against teams from all over the eastern seaboard.

Maybe there’s reasons this was not a good idea, but why wouldn’t every state/region do an event for teams within driving distance? We could have had one in Richmond or DC with Georgetown, Maryland, VCU, GW, Richmond, Howard, Norfolk St, etc. Minimizes travel and if any team had to cancel due to COVID, easy to reschedule since they are within driving distance. There’s so many college basketball teams this could have been done around the country with relative ease. Sure you lose some high profile non-conference match-ups, but we are in the middle of a pandemic and we’re losing them to COVID anyway. The NCAA’s whole goal of this season is just to make it to a tournament, and feels like this would have made that easier.

Anyway, I know we’ll likely find a contingency plan and it’ll be fine, but this has just seemed like a dumb set-up from the start. Doing conference games is going to be hard enough with all the travel involved. Non-con should have been much more conservatively planned to account for the pandemic IMHO.


If the NCAA is so dependent on this march/may madness happening, with 6 months to prepare, then invest in a freaking bubble and give the players a stipend if there are issues of amateurism. My god.


2020 offseason: months wondering if Keels will commit this week or not

2020-2021 season: months wondering if we will play this week or not

On the bright side at least when we do get to play this year we won’t go through 10 minute stretches without made field goals…

Of course this is part of the issue. The Oklahoma State players and staff being very inconsistent with social distancing and mask usage. And their athletic department is putting this out to the world. What’s actually going on when the cameras aren’t rolling is probably even less stringent.

I wonder if Washington might be a possibility? They just had to cancel their own four-team event because of Covid issues with the other teams who were supposed to attend. But the Huskies don’t have any issues of their own apparently.

Long trip for them on short notice but they might want the games and a shot to play a top-ranked team. Anyway, there probably aren’t many P5 teams who would be available but hopefully someone is at least exploring that option.

Washington would be fun to play, but living here in Seattle and under the politics and policies of the state and governor, my guess is that it would be a longshot. And completely in the face of how the governor is telling everyone to stay home, not gather for Thanksgiving, etc.

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Pearl trying to get out in front of things


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He had hair!! :joy::rofl:


Didnt know Charlie Ward was bald now… hahaha


Actually, I remember when you committed. I’ve been a recruiting junkie way too long.


Thats great man. Appreciate that

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