Radford vs UVA game thread

7 PM scheduled tipoff on ACC Network Extra


I’ve chosen to start drinking now. I’ll adjust based on pre-game conditions.


Great post Fred


First of what I am sure will be plenty of substantive posts by me in this thread. My strategy for Radford is to win, clearing the bench by midway in the second half. Plan B is to win. I don’t want to contemplate Plan C. I guess the drinking strategy is probably the best prep for now.


I think we roll

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Question that sometimes I get annoyed by but here I am asking it :rofl: How do I watch the game tomorrow? I have Xfinity + sports package, also Sling simply to get ACCN. Game says it’s on ACCNX, ACCNX does not show it as anything upcoming tomorrow.

I DO see it as listed as being on ESPN + at 7PM, but correct me if I’m wrong, that is an additional streaming service for $7 / month it looks like?

ESPN+ is the easiest way to get it, yeah. That’s what I’m using.

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In the DMV, the ACCNX games used to be on MASN or NBC Sports Washington but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year. So it looks like the ESPN app is your best bet. You may be able to synch your Sling account to it to get to watch ACCNX since you have ACCN on it… Otherwise, it’s likely ESPN+.

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I have Sling, and I see it listed on ACCNX at 7:00 pm tonight. That’s how I plan to watch.

My strategy is get my son down by seven and negotiate a deal with my wife so she will deal with my daughter. And also bourbon.


Radford is going to shoot the three-ball. Their new coach was a former Florida assistant and SG. Their roster is guard heavy. They shot 11-22 in their first game of the season… Wait…small/quick guards that shoot the three? Oy vey. Oh, and their 6-7 F shot 3-5 from three point land.

They played Emory & Henry in their first game. A DII team who technically counted the game as an exhibition. They won by 12 points. Basically led by about that margin the entire game without pulling away.

While we should now reasonably fear a team that starts 3 guards under 6’2" with chips on their shoulder and a PF that can stretch the floor, this team is going to turn the ball over. They lost the turnover margin to E&H with 19 TOs. Their big man, R-SR 6’9" also was in foul trouble early and they don’t have much depth behind him.

I haven’t watched this team play. What I hope to see from our team is close out on the three-point shooting and force turnovers. Offensively, get the ball into the paint - both to our bigs and drives to the basket.

I don’t expect to see much Igor but as the dribble-drive opens up, I hope that we’ll see some Carson. Potentially give Taine the opportunity to bully some small guards.


We should and need to score at will against this team. Anything less would be disappointing. Hopefully they don’t make a few tough 3s early like Navy.


6 players in UVa hoop history have had 7 steals in one game Reece!! had 6 vs Navy. Maybe he joins Othell, Rich Morgan, Curt, Sean and Scott McCandish there tonight


Maybe Reece doesn’t have to play long enough to get 7??? I’m down for that😀


would be a good thing

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I want to see some of Kody’s minutes going to Taine. Or Taine with Kihei-Armaan and Reece-Armaan. Basically play Taine.


Vegas line for the game is UVA -17.5, o/u 125. That puts the consensus final score around 71-54, which feels about right to me, though I’d personally be happy with a good old-fashioned rock fight W (55-40 or something like that).

Would really like to see us get an early lead & take control of the game, so we can find some rhythm and maybe get extended PT for the young guys in the second half.


Exactly the KenPom predicted score. Uncanny how often KenPom sets the Vegas line. If anyone wants to make $$ in college hoops, I think the early going is way to do it. Basically make your bets where you think KenPom is wrong.

I should add that I thought KenPom was high on Navy and low on UVa, which means that (1) don’t listen to me! and (2) probably better to do these things in volume.


youd be happy w I my scoring 55 at home against a kenpom 300+ team? It’s gonna be a really really long season if that’s the case


I mean, if we want to go out and score 100 like that Marshall game I wouldn’t be complaining either. Rock fights are fun, though. College basketball is great when it feels like every point counts. You’re probably right about a rock fight vs. Radford not boding well for the rest-of-season outlook.