Recruiting Rundown 8/17

Recapping the news of the week and more 2022 names to know.


Thanks for the concise update, HGN! With all the anxiety going on recently on the boards it’s nice to have a little reset with some of the less discussed names. Appreciate what you do!


Interesting inclusion of De’Ante Green. Saw that we had contacted in June but didn’t think we had a chance. Seems like the kid who ends up deciding between NC State and UNC (outside Brandon Ingram I dont think Duke prioritizes instate) but would love to be wrong. Kid is super talented and blowing up this summer.

All these guys staff seem to be interested in 2022 have yet to explode. It would be super dope to capitalize on that and lock them up before but of course we have to be patient for 2021 to start moving to see what skillsets we even need in 2022.

Looks like De’Ante Green is looking to reclassify as well to 2021.

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Gee… a guard…who is the son of a coach and left handed…lock that up as tailor made for CTB…


Deebo Coleman went AAU mercenary this weekend playing with CP3 (NC) here. Only proof I can find is a brief appearance in one video clip. I assume he had a quiet weekend.


Stanford looking like a bigger threat :grimacing:

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What makes you say that?

51% rumor/intel, 49% Wahoo pessimism


Corey Evans on Twitter this am. I really want to lock down Murray. So over Keels, it’s driving me batty. Zirkle continues to tease about him, Tu says we’re in good shape, HGN seems to be in line with Corey, Nova fans have felt they’ve been a lock for months… I feel bad for all the effort CTB and Willy have poured in. :rage:

“Michigan is definitely still in it for Trevor Keels, but Duke and Villanova are the two to beat. Keels has said very little, at least publicly, about where things stand with his recruitment but it would come as a mild surprise if he did not pick the Blue Devils or Wildcats in the end. Michigan has remained in touch, as has North Carolina and Virginia, but it will not be easy to top Duke or Villanova. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was a Wolverine fan.”

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I get that he’s an international prospect and that Stanford has a huge brand at that level, but from a basketball perspective that is just a really tough loss for us on the recruiting front if it turns out to be the case

Why worry about this stuff? It is just recruiting. It will take care of itself. There are lots of good high school players out there. Coach Bennett will find, and sign, those he needs and who fit the system. It’s fun to follow this stuff, but it isn’t worth the headache to become too invested in the decision making process of 17 year olds. Just enjoy the ride. It’s fun if you let it be.


The article is also odd in that it lists Virginia as the runner up (behind Oregon) for Ben Gregg, when HGN and others indicated that the staff had passed on him. Gregg himself didn’t mention UVA as a school recruiting him hard in a recent interview. Just food for thought before imploding.


Who is Zirkle?

Former Va Preps site founder? Moderator? Not sure which. Has dropped a few cryptic hints lately.

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HGN Just curious, was no mention of Keels in your breakdown an indication it’s not in the cards or there is really nothing left to say on the situation? It sure feels like UVa is on the outside now looking in from Evans’ comments

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Keels is a name we already know to the point of exhaustion. I think the article was meant as a mental break for us to know some new names rather than discuss the same 2 topics over and over again, just to spare us frustration and recruiting burnout LOL. He’ll commit somewhere eventually. We will find out regardless of whether we know ahead of time and us knowing whats going on doesn’t give us control over the recruitment.


Positive hints for us or no?

No change. The rundowns are just the news of the week for the folks that don’t hang around here.

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Gotcha. Appreciate the info being kinda new here.