Reece Beekman - Offical Thread

Pretty sure Reece was going for 30 last night if he didn’t get injured.


Also in film study Reece had 2 steals plus the steal on the last play…
the box score only had him for 1 steal. They actually gave Gardner credit for this one … like what the what???


Has happened a few times this year, yes


He didn’t say Berkman this time…so there’s that.


Only in person I guess. Unreal

Jonathan Givony now has Reece as a late 1st rounder :scream: #28 to Utah


oh boy. portal portal portal

Edit: I mean awesome for him…


I mean, things could always change, but from what we’ve seen so far next year is probably a bridge year anyway with the following year being the hopeful ‘big’ year. If Reece ends up going it would be nice to portal a really good 2+ year point guard.


First saw Stith in the state championship game at University Hall. He put on the most dominant performance by a HS player I ever saw in person and I watched Sampson play in the state championships in 78 and 79. Stith is my favorite Hoo of all time. His game against Notre Dame was epic.


If Reece is getting first round projects, Tony needs to be on the phone with Elliot Cadeau (most likely reclassing to 2023) asap selling that.


I think if Reece left we’d have the very best situation on the market for a star PG transfer to come in and thrive. Perfect situation would be to bring in a JR transfer and a freshman PG in ‘24.


See, that’s the NIL problem. The ‘star pg’ is more than likely looking for $$$ and not the best situation. I have no doubt we’d get someone good, but not star or Reece level unfortunately. Your second scenario is probably more likely, a Nigel level transfer and a stud 24

I mean if Reece and Armaan both leave we are gonna need multiple guards


There’s probably a loophole that allows Kihei to come back next year.


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Yeah, Reece leaving this year could be a tough problem for the team. We’d lose not only both PGs, but most veteran leadership, and less continuity towards the next gen (unless the next few months plays out differently than I expect). Also, it will be tough to plan around it, because, unless he keeps solidly moving up the board, it will be closer to an May decision or so, which means less time to succession plan (or even gameplan).

If we could convince a stud PG to reclass and play next to an Ivy grad transfer for a year, that’d probably be the best case scenario, IMO. But that seems like a long shot.

I guess a 2-year guy seems nice in theory, but how many examples of those do we have (Marcus Carr is one…) ? And does a 2-year guy discourage our HS PG recruiting again? Without having a super-high upside? Not to mention the obvious NIL issues…

Ideal scenario next year (for the program, not necessarily Reece) is have Reece and Shed providing stability, veteran leadership, with Dunn and i-Mac having enough game experience to take the sophomore leap, and lots of solid contributions from the 2 guys coming off redshirts and the 2 new guys. Without Reece and any other UVa-experienced PG, it doesn’t look nearly as good.

Is this a premature worry? Yes, of course. But not nearly as premature as it was before Givony put Reece in round 1…


If we make a final four, Reece can go do whatever he wants.

negative twist: if only there had been a bunch of PGs in the 2023 class or something. Remember when we waffled around Trey Green lol


Well *truthfully Tony needs to plan for getting a star point guard anyways asap! I mean look at how much Kihei and Reece play together now. If we had someone coming in we can just point to the need for us to have multiple ball handlers and they would play ALOT as has been the case for the past 3 years with these two.

Now if Reece were to leave, then it’s *no contest, that we would need a pointguard. @DFresh11 can you talk to Tahaad :wink: Tell him to look at the rankings of Uva vs. say a Kentucky or somebody else that is after him.

Others are saying Elliot Cadeau. But bottom line we will have ALOT of playing time at PG even if Reece comes back so it won’t be a “fake” sales pitch that they will play alot.

Oh and if we get a stud for 2023, then we can get a running mate in Ty Davis at 6’5 or someone similar to be a running mate along with Gertrude between the 1-2 position. Mckneeley will be able to play with all of them at that point.


Going to turn this thread into complaining about the PG recruiting for 2023. Lol so many guys we played around the periphery of. Instead, we will get a starting PG from oceania who hasn’t played in two years due to knee injuries, but when he was in the 7th grade he clocked 3 points for the second junior New Zealand all stars so clearly he will be different.

Maybe Caleb Foster will decommit when he realizes nobody on the current Duke roster is going to be an NBA draft pick


It’s funny I was literally thinking this morning about how fortunate the Hoos are looking forward because of the Reece and the experience coming back next year, and now this happens.

IF Reece were to leave, it opens the door to a situations similar to 19/20.


My pessimistic take: this is also what I told myself about Justin Anderson leaving in 2015 when he started out white hot. That situation showed you can have the bad thing (losing a guy early) without the good thing (guy never gets injured and leads the team deep into March).