Ryan Dunn - Official Thread

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Hype aside, I think a nice season for Dunn would be an ACC all-defense selection alongside an increased offensive potency.


I am hoping Ryan really works on his ball handling this off season. I think way too often every guy is like “i gotta get good at 3s”.


He improves his 3pt shooting percentage to ~35% range and shows ability to get to the basket and finish off the dribble from the elbow or foul line extended…… he’s gone.

Physical tools and defensive versatility have already shown the nba potential, box is checked.


Personally dont think he needs to shoot the 3 at a real high rate and percent if he gets the other stuff. But he needs to get really good at the other stuff and I think he will


Watching the NBA playoffs, I’m amazed at how versatile everybody is these days. It really is positionless for the most part. Everybody’s swithable, bigs defend guards. And just about everybody can do a little something in iso.

Everybody talks about shooting in the NBA. And it’s definitely a big part of things. But that’s a lot easier to develop than the tools to do the rest. That’s why guys like Bobi Klintman or the French Canadian from Marquette shoot up the draft boards. They’ll need to become better shooters but they’re skilled guys who can guard just about anybody.


It is like what we hoped Trey would work on here in his second year here. Just having that ability to take a defender off the dribble and then use athleticism to finish would be a huge step for Dunn. Trey worked on it year 1 in the NBA and G-league, Dunn gets to work on it in Cville.


And when you only play basketball full time and have the tools to get better it can happen

Anybody remember Robert Horry shooting 3s in college? We played them and his scout was dont let him get to the basket cause he would dunk everything. Also we forgot to scout some dude name Latrell Sprewell who had like 35 that day…

Just looked up Horys college stats. He was pretty good already from 3 but didnt shoot as much as is expected from 3 point shooters now


It is exactly that. And Trey grea late, like RyanD, so maybe some of that guard muscle memory was there and came back some

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I remember listening to that game on the radio haha First time ever hearing of Sprewell.


This is what I don’t understand about Traudt. Basketball isn’t like lacrosse where you can switch offense for defense without a time out. Emphasis for a lot of these kids should be development on the defensive side. That’s why Sam Hauser, Trey Murphy, came to UVa. It’s almost like Traudt said “I don’t want to play in the NBA, but I’m going to star in my local rec league. Also, because my girlfriend doesn’t like to leave Nebraska.”


Dunn is going to bring that 4th/5th year Mamadi multi-position defense next year. I think once he puts on a few more LBs this off-season, he will be ready to guard 3-5 this year.

Him + Minor could be one of the better defensive frontcourts by January/February.


My favorite part of Dunn last year was his defensive energy and willingness to Fing get after it. Like the play against Dukes number 30, Dunn totally over ran the play but also got back in time to not foul 30 as time expired.

That is a good mistake in my opinion (maybe at wrong time of the game though ha)


shot 37% in college as a Power Forward on more than 3 attempts per game his last 3 years in college. That was considered a ton back then for a big, no?

p.s. He only took more than 3 attempts per game in 3 seasons out of his 16 pro seasons.

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You think anyone guarded him from 3? Nah. 1.5 for 3 aint gonna kill a team

But agree looking back he had it in his game

Edit: that speaks to the evolution of the game for sure. Hory today proly takes 5 per game in college right?


Yes, this x100. I think our defensive ceiling is pretty high with those two on the court. Having two rim protectors on the court can cover a lot of perimeter defense sins; in general, a good defensive big has a higher impact on team defense than a good perimeter defender. And two of them means that the defense is less susceptible to getting killed on the offensive boards because of chasing blocks.


Maybe because we already had Dunn, Traudt didn’t see a path to showcase his skills as the 3-5 defensive stopper. So he transferred to a team that didn’t have one.

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Dunn, Minor, Buchanan, Bond - have a chance to be 2nd or 3rd best frontcourt defense by January.
Won’t rival 2020 - but could rival other years …
One huge caveat … they must be allowed to gamble more and go for steals.


Dunn had the freedom to take chances like that because he knew he had solid rim protection behind him (Reece Beekman)


Hahaha. Exactly