⛹ Ryan Dunn - Official Thread

We got a good one:


His on-off numbers are crazy. Opponents shot like like 8 percentage points worse from 2P range when he was on the floor compared to when he was off; this happened at the rim too. I dunno what his offensive role ends up being, but on defense, he can be the Zay-type of player that can erase any mistakes the perimeter defenders might make.


He was the best freshman defender of the Bennett era


I had to think about that, but you’re right. Some great defenders under Bennett but none better as a freshman than Dunn.


He brought the aggressive fearless energy and everyone fed off of it.


He should redshirt.


Tired: redshirting freshman

Wired: playing freshman to figure out where they need work and then redshirting them their sophomore year.


Film breakdown of Dunn’s game by Brian Geisinger, who formerly was doing these kinds of articles for ACCSports.com:


Shot doctors, assemble! There’s a clip of a Dunn jump shot in the latest IG video:


Edit: forgot that linking reels from IG stinks. It’s on the uvamenshoops IG:


Seems to be doing a better job of tucking the elbow in. See 0:36 in this video

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Ryan Dunn will shoot 36% from 3 next year book it


So, either 27% or 43% 3FG% incoming.

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Late to this, but this is a great breakdown. Can we please have at least one possession with Reece, Elijah, Bond, Dunn, and Blake on defense? Please?


I hope he can get to 30%. At least as good as BVP. Dunn getting to 35%+ with his stroke would be very impressive. Once teams know he can knock down the shot, he will see more and better close outs.

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Ball fake. One long dribble and dunk on somebody

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Yeah, he doesn’t have to hit a lot of threes, he just has to be a threat to do so.


My semi-realistic threshold for being happy with his next season would be if he had an offensive season similar to Braxton Key in 2018-19: 30% from 3 on 5 3PA per 100 possessions (2022-23 Dunn took 2.6 3PA/100), 18% usage (22-23 Dunn: 10%), 9% offensive rebounding rate (22-23 Dunn: 6%). Even if some of Dunn’s block numbers come down, getting to Key’s offensive numbers on a higher minutes load would make him a super productive player when you consider both ends. If he exceeds Key’s shooting and usage numbers, then he’s probably had an amazing season.

Edit: Should add that I think Dunn will exceed Key’s 2P shooting numbers, but I want to see it at higher volumes.


I predict he shoots a different percentage.


Bringing this thread back for a little late night effort-post:

This IG Video had me thinking,

What are the odds that Ryan Dunn makes a serious leap in year two?

In thinking about this question, I was reminded of this tweet from a few weeks back, regarding Ryan signing with CAA for NIL Representation.

As I posted elsewhere, this caught my eye, as CAA is a very serious agency that doesn’t mess around in terms of they clients they sign. Could this be an indication that Ryan is truly bound to leap into stardom next year?

Here is a list of player’s CAA represented for NIL this past year (that I could find from their twitter):

Jordan Hawkins

  • projected 1st rounder
  • probably the best pure shooter in CBB last year

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield

  • former 5 star
  • has underwhelmed in college

Tyrese Proctor

  • former 5 star
  • probable 1st rounder next year
  • played really well near end of the year

Logan Johnson

  • 3x All WCC Guard at Saint Mary’s
  • 22-23 WCC DPOY
  • Brother of NBA player Tyler Johnson

Dillon Mitchell

  • former 5 star
  • might get drafted this year as a 1&Done

Kel’el Ware

  • former 5 star
  • underwhelmed in 1 year at Oregon
  • big chance to breakout at Indiana

Jalen Hood-Schifino

  • almost 5 star (26th ovr)
  • projected 1st round pick

Wow, that’s a very impressive group. Let’s now see who they represented in 21-22 and see if the trend is still there:

AJ Griffin

  • Former 5 star
  • 16th ovr pick 2022 draft

Paolo Banchero

  • Former 5 star
  • Number 1 ovr pick

Walker Kessler

  • former 5 star
  • underutilized at UNC, blossomed at Auburn
  • 22nd ovr pick 2022 draft

Well, thats pretty good yet again. What about the others for this upcoming season?

Mackenzie Mgbako

  • 5 star, decommitted from Duke
  • Likely lottery pick

Aidan Mahaney

  • All WCC as a freshman at Saint Mary’s
  • Star in the making

Sean Stewart

  • 5 star Duke commit

Gabriela Jaquez

  • decent player for UCLA WBB as a frosh, could be primed for a breakout
  • former McDonald’s All American
  • Sister of Jaime Jaquez

Cameron Brink

  • One of the most dominant players in Women’s college basketball
  • Two time All-American at Stanford

Annnnnd last but not least…

Ryan Dunn

So make of this what you will. Is it simply a favor to his brother who is also signed to CAA? Do they see him as someone who is about to go crazy and become a 1st round pick? Maybe both? Only time will tell!

I leave you with the following video :v:


Ryan Dunn is going to be very good next year.