Scrimmage live stream attempt

@hoopsandhoos is going to try to live stream the game today. Make sure u follow our instagram.


going live at 2 or before?


YAY!!! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Go Hoos and Wahoowa!

Thank you thank you thank you

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Assume the live stream will be available for 24 hours or is it gone once you’re no longer “live”?

Probably a little before. I’ll start when they start player introductions.

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Not sure how IG Live stores videos, but if there’s an option to archive it and keep it up on the account, we will

Does it come up on the stories part of IG? I don’t know much about IG, sadly except if it is under stories then it won’t be a screen that can be enlarged and we won’t be able to make out much. Is there a reason why not streaming live on Facebook? That would be much easier to watch. Grateful either way, don’t get me wrong!

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It will be live on the stories and we’ll save it for VIP to rewatch…


Nevermind, we were just asked not to stream it…

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Man I really hate UVA. Someone needs to answer for this. @PhonyBennett make a social media uproar. lol.

Thanks for the attempt. Disappointing. Even saw Tony’s daughter joined, lol! Tell Dad to ease up


you’ve got to be kidding, they really dont care about fan engagement


So absurd. God forbid we give fans even a morsel of content before the season


As did Trey and Justin

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cool. Thank you

Kihei and Reece on the same team.

We need @PhonyBennett and @Marktykobe to be celebrity coaches at this


Kihei passed up an open three for first possession. Kadin fouled down low from papi

Thanks for trying to stream today! This makes me very sad, but, I appreciate your efforts.