Selection Sunday/Bracket Talk

You’re right- I actually meant that it seems like we always take away the one player or make the team one dimensional.

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I don’t know if that’s wrong, though. I haven’t looked up box scores, and I’m sure there are plenty of times this wasn’t the case, but it always felt like UVA (entirely separate from overall being rock-solid defensively) would tend to let the other team’s big dog get his and instead completely shut down all of the secondary threats.


Is there a LRA bracket pool?

Yup! Chain with challenge info is here:


De’Vion Harmon, Oklahoma’s second leading scorer, won’t play in first two rounds due to a positive test. I think eliminates the smallest sliver of a chance to remove Gonzaga before Sweet 16.

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Been thinking a lot this week about UVAs tournament performance relative to expectation- and how this is the first year in a while the narrative has shifted. Prior to this weeks Covid scare, we were seriously primed to potentially outperform our seed and play with “house money”.

This Bart Torvik table tells it all- since 2014, Tony is 183/184 in performance against seed expectation. This includes a national title, LOL.

I think this speaks to the significant impact of the umbc loss, but also how we have been expected to make the E8/FF multiple years- essentially 5/6 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019). I really hope we make it to the Gonzaga game, mainly bc I want a shot at playing with true house money where all the pressure is on the other team…

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Came across this earlier, really good read about all of the connections in this UVA / Ohio match up

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I don’t put much stock in this as it applies to us, but still not helpful to hear.

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Like you said, when you’re a 1-2 seed almost every season, it’s really hard to outperform your seed. Especially if you lose to MSU 2 rounds too early twice and the UMBC year, that’s like a deadweight vs seed.

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Has this been confirmed??

This is starting to get crazy. Poor planning to not have a week gap but I guess nothing can be done now. Well it would be interesting if a 1 seed had major issues all of a sudden what they would do.

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Don’t think there’s anything they could do. Tournament’s got to go on as scheduled. Too many logistical challenges to change much now.

Did they all get it in Greensboro?

Who knows? Duke campus is spiking real bad right now. The whole campus got put on lock down. And they weren’t staying in Greensboro. Were busing to and from Durham.