Setting the Class of 2022 Table (Blog Post)


Good stuff. Couple of questions for you.

Is it realistic to think that we could possibly land an early commitment from Isaac McKneely or is the new transfer rule possibly going to make early commitments increasingly unlikely?

And what are you hearing about Jabri’s progress and how he might ultimately fit into what we want to do? Is he projecting more as a true perimeter player or are we thinking he will be a hybrid forward?


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I guess it depends on what you’d call early. To me that’s before the July evals, God and Pfizer willing. By that standard, very good chance. Always the goal with their top guys.

I don’t think the transfer rule change, which actually hasn’t officially gone through yet, changes much. There’s always a hesitation involved with juniors until you pass that late cycle. There’s a chance they add a guard that changes the way Isaac looks at things but UVA’s not backing off. They have that spot tagged for '22 all the way.

I don’t know much of anything about Jabri’s progress in practice. He can slide down for some small ball 4 and I’m sure will at times, but it’s not his primary role. He’s a playmaking guard. Best with the ball in his hands.


This is promising. The talk right now is that the April live periods are iffy at best. People are hoping the NCAA will reshuffle the recruiting calendar to allow coaches out in May or June. Great sign that Nike is committing to having their season.


I see no reason to be optimistic about our chances with any of these recruits. I can’t even remember the last time a recruit committed to us. They always seem to go to duke but are never heard from again. Frankly, I’m shocked we are able to field a team at all.


Always enjoy these. One maybe dumb question - for us, would Trimble project more as a pure PG like our past PGs (London, Ty, Kihei, Reece) or a 2 who can serve as a secondary playmaker and spell our pure PG? I guess he’d be a little small for a 2. I love his athleticism, but was just wondering if he’s really a floor general or more of a score-first PG/2.

Also, just because it’s fun, if I had to pick a group of five from our stated targets would probably be Nunez, McKneely, Young (if he reclasses), Traudt, and Aire. Although I also love combos that bring in Trimble, Bobi and Brown. Anyway, it’s a fun group, and really appreciate the effort put into assembling all of the highlight reels and the run downs.


I think it’s safe to say we will probably have 6, or maybe even 7 available schollies with transfers or early NBA departures (instead of 5). However we will probably use an opening or two on a transfer, and even if we have extra openings they may just take 5 in 2021/2022 (including the transfers) anyways and pocket the rest for 2023 or if anyone else becomes available through transfer/decommit/late riser.

That being said Trimble-McKneely-Bunch-Traudt-Hendricks. Lively reclasses to 2021 to develop some more behind Kadin. Bunch redshirts to add some muscle and maybe Hendricks too (maybe Hendricks can also reclass and add muscle cause apparently literally anyone can reclass nowadays. Idk how that even works out lol).

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Nunez = Crotty

Why’s the staff so high on Nunez? Does he just leave all of his assists out of his highlight videos?

He’s a really good passer - very crafty with the ball.


Great job, @HoozGotNext! I really appreciate all the info. But I have to admit that the thirteen-year-old in me couldn’t help but crack up at the notion of Taylor Hendricks being “one of those mobile trim protectors.” :rofl: :joy:


Any word on Donald Hand Jr???


This plus Mamadi’s reclass to 2015 from 2016 is what we should be aspiring for. Hopefully in the future we also add a Braxton and a Hauser equivalent, making it 7 kids we recruits from this cycle. #historyisaflatcircle

Also that 2010 recruiting class sure was something.

Nothing I know of.

I think that would be the plan yeah. Little more Caleb Love than Reece Beekman.


But he can shoot the 3… right?

There’s no way to know anymore - there is a large gap between the HS and college three

When I’m watching the highlights, I try to see whether the guys shooting threes are tight up on the line or seemingly comfortable shooting a few feet back. Obviously can’t see the percentages so it’s hard to really know if the highlights are representative, but Traudt, for example, seems very comfortable with the deep three (deep for high school). But it definitely seems a little harder to project now.


HGN–thanks for the outstanding roundup. Do you know if the staff is still in contact with Aidan Mahaney, 6-2 PG from Moraga, CA? I ask because he plays about 15 minutes away from Chris Bunch (or will, if and when play resumes).

They are. I probably should have included him in the “others”. It’s such a bad deal for some of these kids that haven’t gotten to play since last winter. With Mahaney, I’ve read that he wants to move forward, cut a list etc. The local schools are pushing hard. I’m guessing it’s over before UVA gives him consideration.

Great stuff as usual HGN.I didn’t know we were recruiting Favour Aire. I was going to ask you about him. Watched him play a couple of games last year. I was impressed. He owned the low post

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