Summer Recruiting

Let’s move the recruiting discussion over here. The spring thread has ran its course.


How many commits will UVA have before the beginning of the July Live Period?

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TJ Power (new extended highlights)


Blake Buchanan (reposting)


Jamie Kaiser (reposting)

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Freddie Dilione

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Power looks like our type of player. Skilled, smart and shares the ball well. Not explosive but if he was he would be OAD and heading elsewhere.

I say this affectionately as someone who really likes Power, and likes New England well enough, but are these World According to Garp outtakes?

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Per usual, great article! Liked the question-answer format in this one. Going to be a fascinating summer.


Really like Power’s game. Seems to have the lateral quickness to play the three if we want to go big. Not sure of his shot but maybe a little TMIII-lite.

I’m still a little down on Blake. For a 7 footer playing in Idaho, sure doesn’t get to the rim as much as you’d expect. A lot of shots from outside the key or 5 ft out,

Facilitator PG - McKneely - Dunn/Power - Bond/Power/Traudt - Traudt/Gapare


Wow…we’ve got no shot…:slight_smile:

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Is he a 7 footer? On 247 and Rivals I’m seeing his height listed as 6’9, but obviously those things are often out of date. In his highlights he doesn’t look 7 ft to me, but what do I know.

Also, I think Power’s shot looks super soft (in a good way). Already has great arc on it. Plus he’s already working floaters into his game. Would love to get that kid.


Looks 6-8 or 6-9 to me. He ain’t 7 feet tall.


Interesting about Jaime Kaiser. I thought we were by far and away the favorites but sounds like a few others have nudged up close to us.

I think this article spells it out pretty well why we aren’t chasing Gapare


I think we are still recruiting him. Helps to have Kirk Penny aka Kiwi Jordan on our side.

A $400,000 NBL offer is Pennies compared to the potential to be a first round pick after developing in the US

If he doesn’t take the 400k I imagine he’ll be pushed to 22 to start his ‘development’ in which case we’d need to get on with it.

Could we play TJ Power at Point Guard, Ty Jerome style? I’m liking that idea alot!

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