The JWILLY Show with Ty, Devon, De’Andre and London Premiere’s on Youtube 7pm

Here is the link. Shoutout to @Marktykobe and @TyJerome for setting it up…
It was shot at the Renewal again, so heads up, the audio isn’t the best as there is background noise.

7PM tonight.


Thank you! It’s great to have some content to discuss. If it weren’t for the JWilly show…

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BY FAR THE BEST UVA PODCAST EVER!! Thats how you do it. It was real and unfiltered. Mark wasnt trying tu kiss up tu the players and J Willy was there tu give the coach perspective. But the part I love the most was London complaining about our system. He wasnt making a fuss but he talked about how our system was limited. This next part goes out tu all the POSTERS that got on me for questioning our system. All I have tu say is MODIFY MODIFY MODIFY!!! LMAO


I could see London on TBs staff at some point. Really like when they talked about adjustments in the TTU game going to middle as Tech likes to force 1/3 of court and keep you there. Ty saying he couldnt believe they helped off Dre very cool cause he played that drive and pass like it was in slow motion. Agree on modify Tu especially when you can run at right times and get chances at easy baskets.


To continue on this people make the meme about “UVA will never win with that play style” making fun of those who said it, but it was true. We didn’t win the natty because of the mover screener. We won the natty because of the Continuous ball screen action and we have players who could created for themselves and take shots that weren’t always in the play call (of course plays were very important to our success as well).

Tony gave me immeasurable hope for the future because he showed adaptation. I really did think he was going to get stuck in his ways a la John Thompson III at Georgetown or Boeheim at Cuse (although Cuse did ditch the zone for that full court press against Gonzaga and Us and made a final 4 …). Will be interesting to see if there are any other modifications to fit the strengths of the members of this year’s team.


Not sure we make those changes if we beat UMBC. Which makes it even more amazing…


This is an amazing podcast. I’m about 3/4 of the way through. The insight from the former players and then the willingness of the JWilly to speak open with then is great insight. London definitely has the mind and the insight of a coach, I’d love to see him on the bench one day. Overall the basketball IQ of all those guys is off the charts. You can see it in Ty as well.

I agree with what others have said, it’s cool to get the peak behind the scenes into the adjustments and adaptations that CTB and staff are making to change and modernize their game. Looking for tweener style players, finding iso options, being player led.


But not only that Fresh. We didnt do ball screens and never set them up in the middle of the court. You could see London frustration. Also Williford kept mentioning how they evolved. If you would have seen the replies I got for suggesting those things and MORE. You would have thought I was hurting children. This is why I tell all my kids. Never back down from anything you strongly believe. Even if you are the last one and EVERYONE is trying tu get you tu change because of their insecurities. MODIFY MODIFY MODIFY.

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I do wish they would have touch on how they felt when they lost Austin. Dont get specific but what was the morale of the team.

Did you see Dre say I wouldn’t have committed if they told him he would be a four. He said because all they do is set screens and the players laugh. Even our players know our offense was not working. They wouldnt say it publically of course but they weren’t happy and thats the real reason why Marial left. Im also tired of the its the player choice tu redshirt argument. Posters hated me because I said it wasnt
Without saying tu much, I knew players were highly convinced tu redshirt. I cant stop laughing because I know 3 posters bu many more that are burning up now because I was right about EVERYTHING. Anyway, I love this podcast. Im glad we modified and we are now a top program. Now im worried about college basketball overall. As long they keep things tugether until 2023. After that I wont care as much. LOL

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Yea felt like his last year London had to carry the load at point a lot like Kihei last year. Agree there are ways to modify to fit the team, players, and skill sets they all have. Again, run when the opportunity is there. Better when guards have the footers behind them not in front of them at times

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Whats your opinion about our 7ft players hedging so far from the basket Fresh. Thanks

Dont get me started on pushing at opportunities and easy baskets.

Man i have brought that up a lot talking to these guys. For me is little too much and also takes tons of energy for the big man. Hedge it hard let guard get back and go. A guy like Jay at halfcourt on D is not great in my opinion


Totally agree I’d love to hear the story/mood of the team when Austin was dismissed. I remember I was at my rehearsal dinner when we first heard about it, and the whole room was a buzz. The energy shifted for us and we weren’t even on the team.

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Totally agree about the London Kihei comparison. London was on an island his 4th year. Also the change he made in his game to go from facilitator to primary scorer was impressive. Really changed my perspective on London. Wish he had some of the freedoms that they current roster has, but also completely understand that was a very different team and time.


That is funny Dragon. I know I broke my headphones so I can imagine how the mood changed at your dinner. LOL

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Fully agree, some of the guys can make it work Mamadi as a stretch 5 could do it. Jack just blew up the whole spot so it kinda worked, but poor Jay looks like a fish out of water up there, and when you see his foot position it’s a miracle that he hasn’t torn anything yet.

Go back and watch the first game in the NCAA tournament last year, Jay’s inability to hard hedge actually helped turn around the game because they were slipping screens when Mamadi jumped out and popping open 3s. Jay slunked back and took away that option.

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yea it was this hushed murmor I had a couple people who are reporters/insiders at the meal we were all in the bar and their phones started buzzing. Crazy times.

I can see the London and Kihei comparison some. But kihei had NO help. London had a squad. Remember we had Marial, Devon, Darius, Guy and Ty. He had help and lots of it. TB only trusted London. I laughed because Ty said Salt was a great teammate but they won big games with Mamadi. That was another big topic people hated me about. Tuday is my daughter birthday but this podcast made it feel like it is mine. Im in heaven.


haha. good one here. I mean Akil was unreal at being “out of position” but still in position. He had that thing down and Darius followed afterwards too. Jack blowin up the spot is great way to put it. Also am not saying anything negative on Jay, I just think different guys can do different things. His shot blocking much more disruptive than his half court hedge

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