The next JWilly Show?

Am I the only one eagerly waiting for the next JWILLY Show? I want to know exactly what he said to Nolan Smith and those players. And other trash talking he may or may not have overheard throughout the game. And which of those “fouls” on our team really were fouls?

Will Locker Room Access ask the tough questions?



Fresh question of the week @Marktykobe @Merch ?

Marky is great at getting these questions with Jay. am sure will be touched on e


I wanna know what was his thought after watching Reece’s shot go in and knowing he drew up that play.


He and Cory might be best friends but does he realize he’s about 35 years too old to use the term “bestie?” His best friend clearly does not.


Me too. In the post game press conference Tony made sure everyone know that was all JWill. Inbounds under the basket he hands the whiteboard off and lets Jason run the show.


That’s true leadership right there.


For sure. He made a joke that if it had failed we’d have Jason to blame, but you know if it had he would have 100% owned it.


@Marktykobe @Merch Questions for the next J Willy show (excuse my language)

  1. Why is Nolan Smith such a punk ass bitch?
  2. Who would win in a fight? You or Nolan Smith?
  3. Why is Kadin Shedrick so much better than Mark Williams?

Maybe more appropriate questions

  1. Was Reece waiting on the baseline for a few seconds after inbounding the ball before getting on the court intentional? And was Reece the main option on that last play?

  2. What was actually said?

  3. Thoughts on Jayden’s defensive performance and Kadin/Papi’s offensive contributions?

  4. Why are Reece Beekman and Kadin Shedrick so much better than Jeremy Roach and Mark Williams? Is it because instate talent is trash? (maybe a question for the first group of questions).


In the postgame, Reece said it was originally drawn up for Kihei or Armaan


being coy… Reece!!


My question with the play drawn up. Was the intent to go for a three for the win or was there an option on the play to get to Kadin for the two? Like a visiting football team more often than not going for 2 to win the game rather than kicking the extra point on the road to tie it.

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From the way Bennett and Reece talked about it in the post game, I think the play didn’t go as planned. Think it was meant to produce a shot for Kihei or Armaan, but then Mark Williams screwed up and Reece was wide open. Might be wrong, but don’t think that was the intended outcome of the set (although Reece going to the corner was maybe what he was meant to do).


they will never give away the magic I think


That’s my guess and J Willy definitely won’t say what he said to get T’d up except to you in private, haha


Imma find that one out for sure. My guess is he just jumped up after something happened and the refs just double Td the benches


Mark Williams was all over the place on that play. Who was supposed to guard Beekman?. The way it looked nobody was given that assignment. Did K screw up and leave him open?

It was Williams’s job, he said it was his fault after the game. He just lost a Beekman in the excitement.


Somehow Coach K’s grandson will take the fall for this one too.


They let him stay on the team?

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Banchero got caught on a switch onto Kihei after Roach got high screened by Shedrick. Williams saw a soft entry pass to Kihei and looked like he decided to double team Kihei in the corner. It looks like Banchero for a split second was thinking Williams wanted to switch but there was nobody to switch to (Williams was on Reece who was hiding out of bounds) and probably some of “wait I’m not leaving Williams on that little dude”. So both Williams and Banchero both started following Kihei who dribbled back out. By the time Williams decided to back off to the paint, he was shying toward Shedrick and forgot all about Reece. In the end, there was indecision and poor communication, but it started with Williams decision to ball chase.