Tony just offered Trey Green

according to his twitter account…

My thoughts on the situation:

Good. Let’s get him. That guy is awesome.


got a whole other thread about post AAU season offers…but as far a small guards that can shoot…this kid is very good…can he heat up the ball for 15 minutes a game and shoot well enough in ACC play to reduce 4th year Reece! Minutes…not sure…don’t think we can play him and Reece! At the same time…

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my concern as well. We all have had enough of the Reece/Kehei backcourt, please God no more. Surround Reese with shooters…

Green is a shooter though. Wouldn’t be much difference between playing Reece and Green together and playing London and Kyle together defensively. But those two would be more athletic.


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I think we need to scrap the whole “under 6 foot = Kihei” mindset. Green is a gunner. Think more Carsen Edwards and less Kihei. Reece and Carsen Edwards would be a combo that would work. We have other options so I don’t anticipate Reece and Trey playing big minutes together, but they could play together if needed.


This kid is just a hooper. Elite shooter, very quick, distributes it well once he touches the paint, can light up the ball, and maybe most importantly he plays with confidence. We’ve had several guys over the last couple seasons look extremely timid and unsure of themselves when they were on the floor (Kody!!, Casey, McKoy, etc.) and it was pretty infuriating to watch. You can throw Trey in any setting and he’s going to produce. Hope he’s a hoo.


It took me a while to buy into Green. Mainly for the same reason. But the more i watched him the more i became convinced. He’s a baller. Great shooter with great defense and he’s a winner. He can play some beside of Reece in what will probably be his last year. Then Green can take over or not. Either way he will be a very valuable part of our team

Actually i wouldn’t expect him to play beside Reece much at all. He would spell him and be used in different situations for defense or offense


If Tony is willing to play Kihei and Reece 25+ minutes together I’m not sure why the same wouldn’t be true for Trey Green


Because McKeely and Armaan/Bond/Dunn will be ahead of him in the rotation. I think the case for green is that he gets to play 10MPG behind Reece as a first year in the big leagues and win a lot of games.

Then in 2024 you get another PG and let him and green battle it out for minutes/starting.


Tony has a clear preference for two ball handlers on the floor at once. Maybe McKneely will be that guy but I’m not really confident in it. Green will get early playing time with its Reece I think. And I’m not sure we go after a 24 PG. That’s not really an attractive roster slot with Green

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From the way HGN has written about him, I think I’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t still go after Ty Davis. Whether he comes here or not with Trey Green on the roster is a separate but related question.


McKneely better be able to play that role bc he is not going to play the 3 for us.

Also, I’m pretty sure the only time in Tony’s tenue we have gotten PGs in successive classes was when we got Teven Jones in 2012 and London Perrantes in 2013. So history tells us that if we take a PG in 2023 it is highly unlikely we take one in 2024.

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If Franklin can play the three I don’t see why McKneely couldn’t


I’d argue Franklin at the 3 wasn’t all that successful. On either end of the court.

I’m hopeful we are constructing a roster with size and length so that going small is not necessary.


My guess: Tony is absolutely WILLING to play them (Reece and Trey, should he join) together, but his first preference would be to have another guy at the 2.

When looking at the last 2 years, I think there are a few choices as to why Tony played so so so SO much Reece and Kihei together even though they are obviously not a particularly good or complementary pair of guards:

  • Roster realities
  • Tony’s idiosyncratic preferences
  • Some combination of the two

I think it’s some combination of the two, and I think I join you in thinking Tony’s idiosyncratic preferences are playing a BIG role here, but I do think roster realities are playing a major, and probably the majority role, too.


2021 Baylor’s 3 guard lineup didn’t have a 3 crack 6’4”. Height isn’t the only thing that allows you to play the 3


Interestingly, when you toss in Devon Hall, we kind of took three high school PGs. Obviously Hall ended up playing a lot off ball, but it wasn’t clear what would happen coming in.