Transfer portal & late signing season

New thread now that we’re actually into that time of year. Transfers & late signees of all variety.

To be clear, no one available has been tied to UVA yet. Other than Trevor Keels of course still being out there.


HGN, I had mentioned Laravia yesterday in the old transfer thread. Is he the kind of big you could see us exploring this spring or would we only be interested in an Akil/Darion type?

Also, does McKoy’s improved play the last few games change things in terms of how we might approach frontcourt recruiting this spring?


I think McKoy was always penciled into next year’s rotation. Ideally you want someone multi-positional, that they can play alongside him or Shedrick. Preferably a rim protector because Kadin is the only one left when Jay leaves. You can’t always wait on ideal with transfers though, it might never come. The Indiana State guy doesn’t seem like someone they’d go after to me, as long as McKoy stays.


Parham and Powell are really nice looking players! Parham plays with a lot of composure.

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There is a rumor going around that Garrison Brooks will use his 5th year and transfer to UK. That would be something.

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Powell would be a huge get but not really sure an Auburn to UVA transfer is particularly precedented

Powell had a concussion 1st week of Jan and never returned. His game is similar to Murray and McNeely.

SIAP, but I saw that a couple of Duke insiders flipped their crystal ball picks from Duke to Nova last night. Not surprising in the grand scheme of things.

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What about Papi?

I think there is very little that we know about what is going on with Keels. The only interesting piece of info we have from the last few months is this Kentucky offer, which seems to me to signal he’s soured on Duke.

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If he has played at 5 different programs in 5 years, I’m not sure CTB would be interested.

Transfer to UK to sit behind Tshiebwe, the 2-3 big men they’ll return, and incoming 5 star Daimion Collins?


That’s what I thought. Unless they plan to play Collins at the 4 and have Oscar/Brooks compete for the 5 spot. We’ve seen crazier but I don’t think it benefits him either way.


What do Kentucky, Duke, and UVa all have in common?

UVA looked at Powell a little out of Montverde, or Williford did anyway. .

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Apparently auburn fans were pretty frustrated at the news. He was expected to be their starting point guard/combo guard next year. Apparently he was frustrated with being held out for a severe concussion most of the season + the isolation of COVID quarantine? Or thats what the chirps are at least.

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I realize he overlaps with Murray and McNeely, but where we’re talking about athletes who can score from three levels and defend several positions, does that really matter? Seems like a no brainer to go after him


I would be concerned about him taking up a roster spot and therefore not having space for a Mamadi/Kadin Shedrick sized clone and a backup to Trey, both with defensive capabilities. Meanwhile I think because we have 3 guys already that we still don’t know what we have (Jabri, Carson and Taine) and if we add more for *next year it may be too crowded.