Transfer Portal Possibilities

Anyone want to take a stab as to who they would project to the basketball portal from other schools? This could be due to playing time, style of play, to get closer to home, etc. Please, no discussion of current or future UVA players.

I would start with Terrance Williams, Michigan.

Michigan fans are high on Terrance and there’s a solid shot he’ll start his sophomore year, if not play starters minutes.

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Too early to say but will be interesting to see what comes of this season. I know I will be unintentionally scouting teams we play in the non-conference for target transfers lol


Henry Coleman from Duke after he rides the bench all year


We talking realistic or dream world? Because in dream world Aamir Simms struggles this year and so he decides come home for a 5th year.


Comes home to win a National Championship!

Arizona has recruited a lot of talent, at least on paper, for a long time.
If they go on probation, the NCAA might let their players transfer and play without sitting out.

Almost any NCAA player who had a huge growth spurt after he got to college is a potential transfer in the eyes of a lot of schools.

Remember the seven-foot-seven transfer student in Ohio from Romania who got a huge amount of publicity and spent his high school years not playing, but just getting his spine straightened out? He is a freshman this year at Rochester University in Rochester, Michigan. [] However, he is redshirting this year, on their junior varsity.

That much of that talent may have been gotten with paper could pose a problem.


Jaiden Delaire PF, Stanford

Robbie Beran PF, Northwestern

Paul Atkinson, PF Yale

Joey Hauser, PF Michigan State


Eric Dixon, PF Villanova

Terrance Williams, PF Michigan

Justin Lewis, PF Marquette

Personally, I would keep a close eye on Beran.

Richmond kid. Tucker H.S./Collegiate


Kody Stattman


To where?