Transfer tracking

Apologies if this has been covered, but have we been in contact with Timmy Allen (Utah) at all? Not a great shooter, so maybe not a good fit, but has been good in a P5…

I just watched the “Not afraid of the moment” video for Franklin (which I highly recommend, it was great) and it struck me that he actually looks a lot like Brogdon.


In my opinion, Jones as the ACC POY was the biggest joke I’ve seen in the last 25 years.


Seems like we got the last word. We asked to be the last zoom meeting and he agreed.


Virginia: “Our relationship is really good and I was excited for our zoom last night. I picked their brain again and heard their final pitch. They requested to be my last zoom. We have a great relationship and I know how much they like me and how much I like them. I like how they play a packed line defense and as a player who needs to learn and get better on defense that’s a good opportunity. I can progress to the next level on both ends of the court and its exciting opportunity to add to that aspect of my game.``


so I guees thats done

Has TBs pitch ever been, “you can’t be a hometown hero anywhere other than Virginia…”, seems like a legit recruiting line… :wink:

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Does not sound bearish

or maybe hes just an extremely nice kid that really knows what to say


Really? I can never tell your varying sarcasm level. Tell me this doesn’t sound like a Tony kid:

“My primary reason for being recruited is to score the basketball. I’m going to score the basketball, be a leader on and off the court. I’m a team first guy so it won’t be any hero ball. I’m just us trying to win basketball games, provide production, leadership and work ethic. I’m an older guy in the game now so I got to be a vet and show some of the younger guys how it’s done.


Sounds just like a tony kid except maybe this little excerpt.

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Reading that, if I had to bet, I’d bet on NCST. But it’s also impossible to actually conclude anything from guys who are purposefully tailoring their words so as not to tell everyone where they’re going. Will have to see.


Sounds promising

I had the opposite reaction. NC State’s whole pitch is be the “hometown hero.” If he’s actually serious about defense like says then it’s a no brainer.

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Well I imagine that’s what we told him. We need you to score the damn ball. Anyway I’m not a social media guy but someone on 247 said:

Okay, I don’t want to be that guy, but literally everything Jayden is liking on Twitter is UVA stuff. That’s a very, very flimsy thing and I’m not saying he’s gonna do it, but it is a bit curious we called him last and the next day, he’s full on liking everything almost any Virginia fan tweets.


Huge win for UVA! Especially at a time when us fans are starving for a glimmer of good news in the program. Now lets keep this ball rolling and keep faith that Tony will get his next 2 guys to join forces.


To be fair he could have gone to the Trevor Keels School of Social Media Engagement


Yeah, NC State’s pitch seems pretty weak. I hope it doesn’t work.

NC State: “ Our relationship is really really good.

LSU: “We have had zooms and our first one was Friday and we had one yesterday. The zoom went really well.

Arkansas: “Our relationship has been good, coach Mussleman and the staff is great.

Miami: “ Jim and I have a really good relationship.

How can you read that and not conclude that he’s committing to all 5 schools at once? Seriously, Fresh and Maine are right. He’s saying good things about everyone, not exactly giving away much on where he might be leaning.