Trevor Keels Announces Final 3


gotta be us, nova, duke right?


One of us, Duke, Michigan, or Nova is about to be upset.

Michigan would seem like the cut, right?

Honestly I would guess it’s Michigan or us

Frankly, if we ain’t getting him, I’d rather we got cut now and had some closure. Still would love for him to be a Hoo – and think it would be mutually beneficial – but this recruitment has been exhausting. And, I’z gettin’ too old for this.


Almost certainly will be us, Nova, and Dook. Wondering if HGN or Tugard has any thoughts as it seems Keels is moving closer to his decision.

Same as I’ve been saying, were just talking about in the VIP room lol They feel good about it, pushing it wrap it up. Looks like it’ll come to an end soon. UVA is on the final 3, lock. I don’t really like that he’s putting out the list because this is sort of a way to “move forward” without really but it’s something anyway.


That’s what I figured. Nothing new here really

Final 3 typically means decision has already been made, no?

You think there is a chance one of the supposed favorites gets left out. Granted, he may not pick UVa, but to see Duke or Nova not makes it would give me a good laugh.

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Usually yep. Not sure that’s the case here. Hope it is because I think that would be UVA. My worry is this is a stall basically.

If the 3 aren’t UVA, Villanova, and Duke then the decision has been made. He would just be sparing fans. Morsell did something like that with his final list. Put out teams that recruited him earliest as like a thank you, and left out Maryland/Georgetown that had actually tried at the end. Was a way of not leading their fans on.


Keels could pick UVA, stay 8 years like Jack Salt, and his time as a Hoo still wouldn’t feel as long as his recruitment has.


Don’t think it’s Duke if the commitment is soon but I could be wrong. Banchero popped out of nowhere for Duke but they had been recruiting him for ages.

Keels didn’t even become a priority for Duke until they saw Christie was going to stay midwest early, but saving face as a “We eased off Christie to prioritize Keels” narrative. I would think Duke is very much in a relationship building phase. That and the fact that Keels still talks to Tony regularly. I don’t think Keels would play games with Tony given how much respect he has for Tony regardless of whether he ends up a Hoo or not.


Either that or he’s playing us.

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Maybe but the way Keels has talked about Tony in interviews and the relationship they have would lead me to believe otherwise.

I am in the camp that this recruitment would have been over long ago if other factors weren’t in play. But Keels is a good kid regardless and if he goes to Nova you wish him well and if he goes to Duke you hope he rots in hell and move on


How do we sign up for VIP? I know it’s been stated I just don’t remember

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Obviously, Tony knows something we don’t. I do believe someone in his camp is mucking things up and trying to control this recruitment which worries me long term.

We don’t need someone in his ear when he goes through ups and downs, while being with the team.

I feel like those kinds of things are inevitable (especially with the highly ranked guys) you’d just rather they don’t turn public like it did with Dre’s brother.


If you go to the message board page on your mobile device, there is a drop down that says ‘latest’ on it. If you click it it’ll give you the option to subscribe.

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Is there a good source of comprehensive info as to what VIP entails? I feel like that may convince some people like myself

Thanks for signing up. It’s not really intended to be like the top secret information club. lol I guess we’re looser with rumors there though. VIP members avoid ads, get occasional discounts on merch, and other perks. Mostly we just make fun of @DurtyNellys in the thread.