UNC board has entire post dedicated to how much McKoy sucks

And I’m here for it and I don’t care how petty it is. He lied to TBs face and didn’t tell him he was going to UNC.


Never heard this lied to TB business?


Curious if anyone noticed. How was TB with McKoy during the pregame or postgame? Any interaction more than just the courtesy handshake?

Was curious because TB actually sought out Justin Taylor before the Syracuse game and gave him a hug. Were Taylor & TB’s son good friends at STAB?


To be fair the Tar Heel board has millions of posts

I didn’t see any interaction. The end of that season was not great for anybody. Clean break probably needed.

Someone go post there that the only reason we got BVP to transfer in is because we had a spot that McKoy opened up the year before. And then thank them for helping us transfer in the guy that beat them last night.

That will mess with their heads.


TB gave him one of his patented chest pat greetings along with a handshake. They seemed to exchange quick pleasantries. I’m not being sarcastic. I was there. That’s what I saw.


A friend of mine was close enough to hear what McKoy said to TB:



I think Justin remains simply thrilled to be wearing that Tar Heels jersey, much like TJ Power is giddy to wear a Duke jersey. Playing time and the rest doesn’t even matter. Dream schools for them.


Except TJ Power will start next year. He ain’t sitting behind any of the current clowns wearing Duke jerseys.

If that was the case why did he choose UVA over UNC when he decommit from Penn state?

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Mistake, as he saw it in retrospect.

Because we’d just won a championship? Because unc had a different coach at the time that probably wasn’t interested?

I think it’s wrong to have a thread attacking a college player explicitly. But the expectations at UNC are high from their fan base and that’s what they are going to do. I can’t imagine what the Kentucky boards look like although my guess is most attacks are at Cal.

I get why our fans (guessing mostly students) boo’d him. I wouldn’t have but I get people doing it given the comments he made upon leaving. If McKoy touches the floor again at the Dean Dome, I wouldn’t be surprised if UNC fans boo him and I feel sorry for the guy.


Damn Dubs you are right. At some point thats enough for a kid doing what everyone in the stands wish they were able to do or have done

The age old mantra: cheer for your team (unless you wanna tell Laettner he was an ass hole!). Hahaha


It wasn’t only students booing McKoy.


I didn’t really mind the booing. Don’t have anything against Justin but he transferred to a rival, gotta expect it. And to be honest I kinda liked it just because UVA fans are typically overly polite or however you want to put it, it was a refreshing change.

Also I legit think these guys today need to understand that they risk becoming a villain when they transfer within conference. Not sure many of them grasp that. Different mindset than it used to be…all these players are friends, no bitter rivals anymore. That and most of them didn’t grow up following college sports that closely, the fan mindset is foreign.


Like this comment from the UNC board from the OP’s link:


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Everybody slamming McKoy but I bet if he were still playing for Bennett right now his defense would be 150% than it is in a Carolina Uniform! Tell me how there less athletic players can guard our more athletic players… But our more athletic players can’t guard their less athletic players! I’m not saying I want Carolina to play Bennett’s brand of Basketball but I sure as hell would like to see us play “Good” Defense for a change!


I think it’s hysterical that a guy averaging a point a game this season was booed every time he touched the ball or came in the game.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the booing has nothing to do with McKoy transferring to a conference rival and everything to do with the comments he made after he left. We’ll see what happens, but I’ll be shocked if Casey Morsell is booed when NCSU comes to town.


He was offered. He chose UVA over UNC

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