Updating Virginia's Transfer Recruiting (Blog)


Seems like fewer names that I might have expected …

Only thing that concerns me about Fleming is he’s a career 30% shooter from 3, and his FR year was actually his best.

I noticed the same thing about Fleming. Here are the stats:

I noticed that his usage rate kept ticking up as he got older. This made me wonder if he ended up with the ball in his hands a bunch as the shot clock was winding down. I’d be curious to see how his 3-point shooting percentage changed as a function of time of time remaining on the shot clock.

Another one to watch

He had a big year as a freshman at ETSU. 6’6 wing, more of a big guard really. I remember him. TB randomly saw him play a few times, trying to remember which teammate they were interested in. Point is the boss is familiar with this guy, so it’s not that surprising. I tracked him back at the time because of it. No idea how he wound up at ETSU.

Should obviously mention Wake Forest is on the list and he was I assume recruited by Steve Forbes at ETSU.




Check his box score against Alabama


He’s big and has a nice looking shot from three, plus a nice percentage. A tiny bit slow and his overall shooting percentage was OK, but a lot of possibility. Seems like he could benefit from a really good strength and conditioning program - could turn into a really physical player.

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Bama box score here


HGN. seems Brakefield news has been slim to non-existent since he entered the portal. We were a leader for a while in his recruitment out of high school. Surprised about lack of interest now?

Boss must feel good about Gardner and getting one of Franklin or Fleming…then let the dust settle and pursue best available

Is this code for it’s a great day to be a wahoo?

Ok so now I gotta monitor the WF board to, lol. Sounds like that will be short lived as they expect Monsanto to be a Deac, top 6 is window dressing. Unfortunate as he appears to be a beast. Also interesting they are going after McKoy hard and feel like he’s leaning their way, will also decide this week. From the WF mod:

I’ve just spoke with a source on Monsanto from ETSU.

The staff had no intentions of bringing Monsanto to Wake until the coaching change at ETSU and him entering the portal. Wake coach Steve Forbes and asst coach BJ McKie recruited him to ETSU, and then he redshirted his freshman year because ETSU had so many older players. The staff did not want to waste a year of his eligibility, which seems prescient now for sure!

The staff is going through the process of working to admit him as a 4-year transfer to Wake. He currently holds offers from Virginia, Clemson, Boston College, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Butler, Nebraska and a bunch more. He was the SoCon Freshman of the Year, and 2nd-team National All Freshman in Basketball Times. At Wake, he would be a 3rd year freshman with FOUR years of eligibility.

I am sure this is all gonna shake out alright, but goodness it is frustrating to get updates from other boards of lesser programs that feel confident with a bunch of guys and the best we can do is “we are in the hunt”


I mean, I agree, but in Monsanto’s case Forbes recruited him so not hard to see. It’s also not hard to see he might play 3 years at Wake and never make the NCAAT. I do wish some of these guys would take a pause and prioritize what we have to offer rather than what might appear the easy or safe choice.


I agree it’s just starting to feel like high school recruiting again which is concerning because we certainly do worse on that front

Think maybe that’s because Ctb and staff are so tight lipped. I too share your angst when it comes to this new free agency nonsense.


Oh it absolutely is, this isnt normal transfer recruiting. We are starting pretty much from scratch with most of these guys and unlike previous transfer classes most of these kids (imo) are looking to show out and put up numbers and pt at their new school rather than win, develop, and thrive in a proven system. Our biggest selling points of course. That said, the pool is so vast we’ll find those couple of kids that fit


Yeah I am definitely just expressing some basketball anxiety right now haha


We all have it my friend. I think we are all just so ready for some good news on the basketball front but trust this staff and think it will come soon.