UVA at FSU thread (Sat 4pm)

Virginia at Florida State, Saturday at 4 PM on ESPN 2.


Tricky game I think


Yeah I agree Fresh. FSU or Fuk Sh^t Up as my boy in college used to call em (he was a FSU fan) are a problem as long as Coach Hamilton is there. Athletic as hell always.


I like your boys name for them


Spot on analysis. This game scares me.


Yup I hate playing FSU more than any other ACC school. Their style is the perfect foil to even the best CTB teams.


Their offensive improvement has also come with their defense cratering. Last time they played us, they were in the middle of a solid defensive stretch, but it’s been bottom-50 in D1 bad over the last 5 games.

How we played against UNC makes me a little more hopeful, because usually you beat FSU’s scheme through winning some 1-on-1 drives on the perimeter. They don’t really have guys in the gaps in order to play passing lanes, so the straight line drives are there for the taking if we can beat the first defender.


KC has been in a little scoring drought the past two games ( 7 and 5 respectively). Think he has a good game tomorrow

I had a dream we lost this 68-63. Not sure what it means

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I got this off a psychology website… per the bolded part below… I’d figure out which coworker of yours you are upset at… :joy:

Dream of a basketball game

Dream of a basketball game can mean that you are struggling to prove that you are right and that you are capable of greatness. You deserve more respect and recognition than you have been given. You feel the urge to prove that you are right and that someone else is not, and you achieve that by showing your superior ideas, skills, and resources that others do not possess. You want to prove to everyone that you are smarter than they expect you to be.

A dream about a basketball game can also be related to your private and business life. It refers to parts of your life in which you want to exceed people’s expectations but also your own. If the enemy team is leading during a basketball game, then that represents that you are upset that your colleagues are doing better than you. Perhaps your colleague received praise from your boss and that made you upset and dissatisfied with yourself.


We’re good. Think we are actually getting back to early season groove. We beat a good (yes undermanned) UNC team with Shed Garder and KC scoring 2.3. and 7. That’s not gonna happen many games. Last FSU game was closer than it should’ve been, if you recall, because they outhustled and out worked us most of the game. Evey loose ball, every bounce, lots of effort rebounds went their way. Think we fix that to some degree


We shot really terribly in that game too.

27-28 record vs FSU all time
UVA has lost 13 of the last 15 at FSU …
Won there in 2018 - 59-55
2014 … 62-50

Under Bennett we have scored more than 65 points one time - whether home or away.


That 2014 game was yuge in Bennett era


I knew the stats weren’t great, but didn’t realize how bad they were when playing FSU.

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That’s crazy that they had a 13 year losing streak in Florida … so hadn’t beaten Miami either…


Also, featured this doozy in the handshake line:

Can’t find video upon a quick look. I used to think the Anderson dunk was a bad move, but (apologies to Bob) I was so much older then, I’m younger that now.


I may eat crow for this- but I feel like we got the “closer than expected” game vs FSU out of the way at home. Even though they have improved play recently, they are still very clearly a bottom third ACC team. Last game, with prized frosh Baba Miller joining, they still looked incredibly unimpressive at Wake.

Book a “up by 10-12 points” the majority of the game, with final score winning by 8-15.


we always play FSU close and this game will be close again. Brutal timing for this one, need to start stringing together wins


I don’t remember this dust up, did it happen on TV? I do remember Okaro White being a BITCH in several games during his tenure at Fuck Shit Up in Talla-trashy :wink:

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